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Quality of life and hearing impairment.Wong, LLN201246
Quality of life and performance with cochlear implants in Hong KongHo, Ho-man; 何浩文200983
Quality of life in adolescents with hearing impairment.Wong, LLN201255
Quality of life in Hong Kong adolescents with hearing lossMa, Wing-yan; 馬詠欣2010168
Quality of life in older Chinese-speaking adults with hearing impairmentWong, LLN; Cheng, LK201195
Quality of life in older Chinese-speaking adults with hearing impairment and do not use hearing aidsWong, LLN; Cheng, LK2010135
Quality of life in older Chinese-speaking adults with hearing impairment.Wong, LLN; Cheng, LK2009122
Quality of life in older hearing aid users in Hong KongFung, Kwan-yee, Keri.; 馮坤兒.2010289
Quality of life in patients with laryngopharyngeal refluxCheung, TK; Lam, PKY; Wei, WI; Wong, WM; Ng, ML; Gu, Q; Hung, IF; Wong, BCY2009446
Quality of life of older hearing impaired adults in Hong KongCheng, Lai-ki.; 鄭麗琪2008269
Quantification of vocal tract configuration of older children with Down syndrome: A pilot studyXue, SA; Kaine, L; Ng, ML2010143
Quantifying vibration in resonant voiceLo, Lok-chi, Gigi; 老樂芝; University of Hong Kong2008142
A quantitative analysis of Cantonese aphasic productionLaw, SP200175
A quantitative analysis of Cantonese-speaking children's syntax in story re-tellingWong, Kit, Ripley,; 黃傑; University of Hong Kong.1993535
Quantitative analysis of high-speed laryngoscopic imagesKong, JP; Yiu, EML2011106
Quantitative analysis of vocal fold vibration in vocally fatigued voice in high speed laryngoscopic imagesLo, Ching-yin; 老正賢201123
Quantitative aspects of glossectomee speech production.Bressmann, T; Sader, R; Whitehill, TL; Samman, N200069
Quantitative aspects of glossectomy speech productionBressman, T; Whitehill, TL; Sader, R; Samman, N; Hoole, P200197
Quantitative high-speed laryngoscopic analysis of vocal fold vibration in fatigued voice of young Karaoke singersYiu, EML; Wang, G; Lo, ACY; Chan, KMK; Kong, JP; Barrett, EA201341
Quantitative measurement of vocal fold vibration in male radio performers and healthy controls using high-speed videoendoscopyWarhurst, S; Yiu, E; McCabe, P; Heard, R; Wang, G; Madill, C201328
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