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Object and action word processing in Chinese stroke patients with or without executive dysfunction: aneuropsychological case-control studyYip, Tin-hang, James.; 葉天恒.2010252
Object and action word processing in Chinese stroke patients with or without executive function impairment: a neuropsychological case-control studyYip, JTH; Law, SP; Chen, H-C; Li, L. S. W.2006114
Occupational chemical-induced hearing lossFuente, A; McPherson, DB201286
Occupational hearing loss in Hong Kong: screening with distortion product otoacoustic emissionChan, Sze-wen, Vanessa.; 陳思韻.2000463
On the noncategorical perception of Cantonese level tonesFrancis, AL; Ng, BKC; Ciocca, V2000123
An optimal viewing position effect in the stroop task when only one letter is the color carrierParris, BA; Sharma, D; Weekes, B200797
Optional elements and variant structures in the productions of bei2 to give dative constructions in Cantonese-speaking adults and three-year-old childrenWong, AMY; Chow, DCC; McbrideCheng, C; Stokes, SF2010146
Oral reading by chinese speakers with probable dementia of the Alzheimer's typeWeekes, BS; Teh, S; Joo, LK; Ling, LW199978
Oral reading in bilingual aphasia: Evidence from Mongolian and ChineseWeekes, BS; Su, IF; Yin, W; Zhang, X2007158
Oral reading in Chinese: Evidence from dementia of the Alzheimer's typeWeekes, B2000107
The order of emergency of vertical, horizontal front-back and horizontal left-right locatives in Cantonese speaking childrenCheung, Shuk-ha, Ann; 張淑霞; University of Hong Kong1999105
Orientative information in personal narratives and story tellingChan, Ching-shun, Sabina; 陳徵信; University of Hong Kong1995119
Orthognathic surgery versus distraction in cleft maxillary deformities: which is better?Cheung, LK; Chua, HDP; Ho, S.M.Y.; Samman, N; Whitehill, TL; Hagg, M.B.200991
Orthographic and semantic radical effects of picture-word naming in ChineseSu, IF; Zhang, QF; Weekes, BS2007107
Orthographic awareness in primary school children in Hong KongLee, Hoi-lam, Caroline; 李凱琳; University of Hong Kong2000155
Orthographic awareness of Chinese primary school-aged poor readersLee, Wing-yee, Anna; 李穎怡; University of Hong Kong1999115
Orthographic effects on picture naming in Chinese: A 4T erfMRI studyWeekes, BS; De Zubicaray, G; McMahon, K; Eastburn, M; Bryant, M; Wang, D200585
Orthographic facilitation effects on spoken word production: Evidence from ChineseZhang, Q; Weekes, BS2009134
Orthographic knowledge of Chinese in adults of 40 to 65 yearsChan, Ada1992429
Orthographic memory of signific and phonetic components in Hong Kong primary school childrenHung, Wan-shan, Bertha; 洪韻珊; University of Hong Kong2000121
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