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Naming and discourse production : a bilingual anomic case studyDai, Yi-ling; 戴伊羚201119
Naming and discourse production: a bilingual case studyDai, YL; Kong, APH; Weekes, BS2011126
Naming of real and pseudo-characters with free standing and non-free-standing phonetic radicals by Cantonese dyslexic individualsLaw, SP; Weekes, B; Wong, WS2006133
Naming pseudo-characters by Cantonese dyslexic individuals with different reading abilities: Evidence for lexical-mediation hypothesisLaw, SP; Wong, WS2008100
Narrative assessment for cantonese-speaking childrenTo, CKS; Stokes, SF; Cheung, HT; T'sou, B2010219
Narrative production of Cantonese aphasic patientsKoo, Chiu-yee, Christy; 顧超怡; University of Hong Kong2002117
Nasalance distance and ratio: Two new measuresBressmann, T; Sader, R; Whitehill, TL; Awan, SN; Zeilhofer, HF; Horch, HH2000116
Nasalance measures in cantonese-speaking womenWhitehill, TL200183
The nature of grapheme-phoneme conversion (GPC) knowledge in Hong Kong college studentsNg, Yan-yan, Renee; 吳茵茵; University of Hong Kong.2006234
Near-merger in Hong Kong Cantonese tones: a behavioural and ERP studyFung, R; Kung, C; Law, SP; Su, IF; Wong, C201287
Neonatal click-evoked otoacoustic emissions: A wavelet transform technique to reduce low-frequency noise effectsZhang, W; McPherson, DB; Zhang, ZG200897
Neonatal hearing screening: A combined click evoked and tone burst otoacoustic emission approachZhang, VW; McPherson, B; Shi, BX; Tang, JLF; Wong, BYK2008106
Neonatal hearing screening: Can tone burst OAEs improve test accuracy?McPherson, DB200272
Neonatal hearing screening: Evaluation of tone-burst and click-evoked otoacoustic emission test criteriaMcpherson, B; Li, SF; Shi, BX; Tang, JLF; Wong, BYK200655
Neonatal otoacoustic emission screening and sudden infant death syndromeChan, RSY; McPherson, B; Zhang, VW201268
Neonatal transient evoked otoacoustic emissions screening: How many stimuli are enough?Cropper, L; Kei, J; Smyth, V; Maurer, M; Young, J; Tudehope, D; Mcpherson, B200266
Neural correlates of comprehension and production of nouns and verbs in ChineseYu, X; Bi, Y; Han, Z; Zhu, C; Law, SP201267
Neural correlates of emotion word processing: the complex relation between emotional valence and arousalWeekes, BS201076
Neural correlates of the Simon effect and its reversal in Hedge and Marsh tasksWang, L; K., XX; Weekes, BS; Zhou, XL201194
Neural correlates of the Simon effect and its reversal in Hedge and Marsh tasksWang, L; Xu, X; Zhou, X2011129
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