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A kinematic study of Cantonese vowel quadrilateral using electromagnetic articulography (EMA)Ng, ML; Chen, Y; Tang, C2011122
A kinematic study of coarticulation of Cantonese fricative /s/ using electromagnetic articulography (EMA)Lai, Ho-ning, Lydia; 黎浩寧2009114
The language abilities of Cantonese-speaking children with cleft palateFong, Yung-ting, Joyce; 方滃婷; University of Hong Kong2008134
Language and communication disorders in ChineseStokes, SF; Yiu, EML200054
Language and phonological transference in bilingual speakers: Studies in the US (Florida) and Hong KongBrice, A; So, LKH1997100
Language disorders in speakers of ChineseLaw, SP; Weekes, BS; Wong, AMY2008141
Language Learning Curriculum for Chinese-speaking Children with Special Educational NeedsSo, LKH; Lam, CSL; Tse, ACY200089
Language Learning Package for special educationSo, LKH; Lam, SL; Tse, CY; Li, MC200077
Language production of Cantonese-speaking adults the effects of age and educationLaw, In-ka, Monique; 羅彥珈; University of Hong Kong2002167
Language proficiency modulates the engagement of cognitive control areas in multilingualsAbutalebi, J; Della-Rosa, PA; Ding, GS; Weekes, BS; Costa, A; Green, DW201332
Laryngeal muscle activities during phonation and swallowing in non-dysphonic and dysphonic subjectsLai, Sin-yi, Sindy; University of Hong Kong.2007178
Laryngeal-supralaryngeal cyclicity in early Cantonese phonologyLiu, Wah-ling, Valerie; 廖華玲; University of Hong Kong2001141
Laryngectomees' expectations and satisfaction with speech therapy following short and long postoperative periodsMok, K. F., Cecilia1992475
Late talkers in Cantonese the productive language outcome and the relationship between phonetic development and lexicon sizeWong, Tsui-ting, Peony; 王翠婷; University of Hong Kong.2003210
Lessac-Madsen共鳴聲線治療(LMRVT)治療師訓練手冊Verdolini-Abbott, K; Chan, KMK2009265
Lessac-Madsen共鳴聲線治療(LMRVT)聲線病患者訓練手冊Verdolini-Abbott, K; Chan, KMK2009362
Letter to the editorHenningsson, G; Kuehn, DP; Sell, D; Sweeney, T; TrostCardamone, JE; Whitehill, TL200853
Level of complexity in processing figurative languages in childrenTo, CKS; Woo, E201185
Level of complexity in processing figurative languages in childrenTo, KS; Woo, E; Cheung, PSP; Sheh, A; Lam, L; Wong, AMY201178
Lexical and lexical-semantic variables affecting the performance of Chinese speakers: a mixed logit models study on picture naming and reading aloudChe, WC; Crepaldi, D; Su, IF; Luzzatti, CG201085
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