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"I know you can hear me": Neural correlates of feigned hearing lossMcpherson, B; Mcmahon, K; Wilson, W; Copland, D2012145
The identification and characterization of Cantonese- speaking children with specific language impairmentSin, Wan-san, Dorene; 冼韻珊; University of Hong Kong2000147
Identification and discrimination of /th/ and /kh/ by children with cleft palate and posterior placementCho, Ka-wun, Queenie; University of Hong Kong.2007151
Identification of language impairment in 4-year-old children using two parent report formsWong, Miu-yee; 黃妙宜; University of Hong Kong2008152
Identification of language impairment in three-year-old children using a parent report questionnaireChung, Hoi-ting; 鍾海婷; University of Hong Kong2008143
Identifying items for assessing the expressive vocabulary of 4-year-old Cantonese-speaking childrenChan, Chi-hang; 陳智衡2010188
Identifying voice problems in school-age children: A comparison between teacher, parent and speech pathologist reportsMa, EPM; Cheung, AHS201319
II: EPG in the description of normal and disordered speech production electropalatographic and perceptual analysis of the speech of cantonese children with cleft palateWhitehill, T; Stokes, S199590
The impact of extrinsic demographic factors on Cantonese speech acquisitionTo, KS; Cheung, PSP; McLeod, S201329
The impact of maturation on speech understaning in childrenWong, LLN; Soli, SD; Leung, KKP; Liu, S; Tsai, J200895
Impact of personal stereo system on hearing among young adults in HongKong: evoked otoacoustic emission measuresSo, Yeuk-hon, John.; 蘇約翰.2000217
Impact of SNR and gain-function over- and under-estimation on speech intelligibilityChen, F; Loizou, PC201263
The impact of swallowing problems on nursing home residents’ quality of lifeChan, KMK; Yiu, EML; Ho, E201197
Impedance audiometry for young childrenWong, LLN199675
Implications of logographeme influences on the development of writing.Lui, HM; Leung, MT; Law, SP; Fung, R2009107
Improving the reliability of perceptual voice evaluation using external standardsYiu, EML; Chan, K; Ma, E199876
In search of shared deficits underlying SLI and dyslexia in ChineseKidd, JC; Wong, AMY; Ho, CSH; Au, TKF; Lam, CCC; Yip, LPW; Lam, FWF2010148
Incidence of backing affecting syllable-initial and syllable-final consonants in normal Cantonese-speaking childrenChi, Man-yu; 遲敏瑜; University of Hong Kong1998139
Independent effects of orthographic and phonological facilitation on spoken word production in mandarinZhang, Q; Chen, HC; Stuart Weekes, B; Yang, Y200987
An index of syntactic development for Cantonese-Chinese preschool childrenWan, Ka-hei, Emily; 溫嘉曦201129
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