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CAM use by ST and other allied healthcare professionals in China and the United StatesHo, Yu-man; 何裕民2010111
Can Cantonese children with cochlear implants perceive lexical tones?Ciocca, V; Aisha, R; Francis, AL; Wong, LLN200082
Can factors affecting English pronoun development explain the Cantonese pronoun development?Cheng, Po-ching, Fiona; 鄭寶青; University of Hong Kong1993305
Cantonese affricatesYiu, Hoi-yee, Heidy; 姚凱怡200863
Cantonese Chinese corpus of oral narratives (CANON) with morphological tagging: a preliminary reportLaw, SP; Kong, APH; Lee, A; Lai, CT; Lam, VW201269
Cantonese Consonant - Vowel Interaction: An EPG FindingSo, LKH199883
Cantonese consonantal development: towards a nonlinear accountWong, WY; Stokes, SF2001275
Cantonese dichotic digit test: a comparison between normative and cleft palate groupsYeung, Y. Y., Louisa.; 楊月瑩.2006293
Cantonese dichotic digit test: normative findings for childrenChiang, Lai-peng; 蔣麗萍; University of Hong Kong.2006232
Cantonese dichotic digit test: normative findings for young adultsTang, Heung, Christina; 鄧香; University of Hong Kong.2006245
The Cantonese FACS feasibility with aphasic patients in Hong KongLau, Wai-heng, Sharon Hazel; 劉蕙珩; University of Hong Kong2001197
The Cantonese hearing in noise testWong, LLN200840
A Cantonese linguistic communication measureKong, Pak-hin, Anthony; 江柏軒; University of Hong Kong2002210
Cantonese Linguistic Communication Measure (CLCM): A clinical tool for assessing aphasic narrative productionKong, PH; Law, SP2009171
A Cantonese linguistic communication measure (CLCM): Further developmentKong, PH; Law, SP200369
A Cantonese linguistic communication measuresKong, PH; Law, SP200276
Cantonese mazes an exploratory studySiu, Kit-ling, Elaine; 蕭潔玲; University of Hong Kong1996181
Cantonese Module of the Hearing In Noise TestSoli, SD; Wong, LLN2002240
Cantonese paediatric hearing screening test: a pilot studyWong, Lai-wan, Livia.; 黃麗韻.1998261
Cantonese phonological development a nonlinear accountWong, Wing-yee, Winnie; 黃詠儀; University of Hong Kong1998142
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