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The Background to Language Change in Hong KongHarrison, GJ; So, LKH1996609
The basic unit of and the development of writing skills in ChineseLeung, MT; Chan, SM200887
A behavioral and ERP study of the role of radical position distribution in character recognition : evidence for position-specific radical representationCheung, Lai-ying; 張麗瑩201125
Behavioral audiometry for very young childrenWong, LLN200091
Behavioural assessment of (central) auditory processing disorder in children with non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palateMa, X; Ma, L; McPherson, B201267
Beliefs and Practices Concerning Talk to Children: A Comparison of Hong Kong Cantonese Mothers and Filipino Domestic HelpersLau, HM; Wong, AMY200869
Beliefs and practices concerning talk to children: a comparison of Hong Kong Cantonese mothers and Filipino domestic helpersLau, Hui-mei, Tammy; University of Hong Kong.2007271
The Bernafon Scholarship Program: Supporting the development of audiology in ChinaMcPherson, DB200174
Bilingual (Cantonese and Putonghua) phonological development: Dominance PerspectiveLaw, Chung-wa; 羅頌華; University of Hong Kong.2004269
Bilingual deep dysphasiaWeekes, BS; Raman, I2008111
Bilingual false recollection: an EEG studyMolina, AI; Su, IF; Knight, C; Holliday, R; Weekes, BS2006122
Bilingual nonfluent primary progressive aphasiaDruks, J; Weekes, BS201165
Bilingual phonological dysgraphiaKambanaros, M; Weekes, B201220
Bilingualism and learning: The effect of language pair on phonological awareness abilitiesDodd, B; So, LKH; Lam, KKC200896
Book review. Handbook of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder: Volumes 1 & 2McPherson, DB2008113
Book: Innovations in Allied Health Fieldwork Education: A Critical Appraisal.Whitehill, TL; Yu, KKM; Kwan Chen, LLY; Ho, WL201096
Brain-computer interfaces based on attention and complex mental tasksWang, J; Yan, N; Liu, H; Liu, M; Tai, C200771
CAM use by ST and other allied healthcare professionals in China and the United StatesHo, Yu-man; 何裕民2010111
Can Cantonese children with cochlear implants perceive lexical tones?Ciocca, V; Aisha, R; Francis, AL; Wong, LLN200082
Can factors affecting English pronoun development explain the Cantonese pronoun development?Cheng, Po-ching, Fiona; 鄭寶青; University of Hong Kong1993305
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