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A Cantonese linguistic communication measure for evaluating aphasic narrative productionKong, Pak-hin, Anthony.; 江柏軒.2007468
A preliminary study of the frequency importance function of Cantonese sentencesHo, Shun-yee, Amy.; 何舜儀.2002281
Access of phonological information from reading Chinese characters: position vs. functionFan, Pui-yee, Jessica; University of Hong Kong2007487
Accuracy of cortical evoked response audiometry in the identification of non-organic hearing lossTsui, B; Wong, LLN; Wong, ECM2002110
Acoustic analysis in investigating connected speechYiu, EML; Worrall, LE; Longland, J2000122
Acoustic analysis of contour tones produced by Cantonese dysarthric speakersNg, So-sum; 吳素心; University of Hong Kong2001177
Acoustic analysis of different Cantonese opera singing stylesNg, ML; Wong, C; Chen, Y201187
Acoustic analysis of hypernasalityLee, SYA; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL2002123
Acoustic analysis of lexical tone contrasts in dysarthriaWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V2000133
Acoustic analysis of lexical tone contrasts in dysarthriaWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Chow, DTY2000166
Acoustic analysis of prosody for Cantonese normal and aphasic discourseLee, A; Kong, PH; Law, SP2009118
An acoustic analysis of the Cantonese whispered tonesCheung, Ka-yee; 張嘉怡; University of Hong Kong2004337
An acoustic analysis of the variation in alveolar fricative /s/ production in Hong Kong CantoneseCheng, Tsz-fung, Archie; 鄭子豐; University of Hong Kong2006345
An acoustic analysis of unreleased stop consonants in word-final positionCiocca, V; Wong, LLN; So, LKH1994198
Acoustic analysis of vowels following glossectomyWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Chan, JCT; Samman, N2006179
Acoustic analysis of word-initial stop consonants in profoundly hearing impaired speakersTam, So-may, May; 譚素媚; University of Hong Kong1996217
An acoustic and perceptual analysis of /s/ before and after orthognathic surgeryLee, Su-ying, Alice; 李雪瑩; University of Hong Kong1999150
Acoustic changes in Chinese patients with cancer-related unilateral vocal fold paralysis after medialization thyroplastyNg, ML; Wong, RK; Wei, WI; Wong, YH; Lam, PKY2008306
Acoustic changes related to laryngeal examination with a rigid telescopeNg, ML; Bailey, RL200667
Acoustic Characteristics of Male Commercial and Public Radio Broadcast VoicesWarhurst, S; McCabe, P; Yiu, EML; Heard, R; Madill, C201335
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