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On Freud's theory of the unconsciousWong, Ching-wa.; 黃淸華1997440
On John Rawls' method of reflective equilibriumLuo, Peilin.; 羅沛霖.1990472
Personal identity and the concept of a person: a critical examination of the main themes of SydneyShoemaker's Self-knowledge and self-identity.Lau, Kwok-choi.; 劉國材1976453
The Philosophy of Food (1)Lau, JYF2004123
Pietroski on possible worlds semantics for belief sentencesLau, JYF1995161
PlaygroundO'Leary, TE200498
Pogge on global justiceYu, Lixia.; 俞麗霞.20041,110
Political Agency and the Discourse of DemocracyCi, J200389
Political agency in liberal democracyCi, J2006216
Politics of nature and voyages of exploration: some purposes and resultsCook, GA2001123
Possible Worlds Semantics for Belief SentencesLau, JYF1998147
The Psychology of Art Collecting: A Personal ViewMartin, MR1999100
Putting Ireland on the Postcolonial Map: Friel’s Translations’O'Leary, TE2000259
Quine on analyticity, translation and meaningChan, King-man.; 陳景文1993471
Realism, relativism, and Dao: a look at language and normative social philosophy in Rorty and ancient ChinaStephens, Daniel J.2008287
A Reductio of MillianismDeutsch, ME200265
Reflections on the standards of judicial interpretation under "One Country, Two Systems"Shek, Chung-man, Niki.; 石仲文.2003281
Religious liberty, religious diversity, and religion in politics: in search of an appropriate role ofreligion in public political culture for a democratic ChinaXie, Zhibin.; 謝志斌.2004513
Representational Theories of ConsciousnessLau, JYF199993
Responsibility and personal interactions: a critical study of the criteria for responsibility ascriptionsTam, Henry Benedict.; 譚得祐1984237
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