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Scheherazade's sea: a mixed media, multi-sensory installation and performanceLeong, Sau Mun, Dawn-joy.2010202
'Singing the Heartland: Intercultural interactions and the redeployment of music culture from the Philippines highlands'. Centre for Intercultural Music Arts 6th Biennial Symposium and Festival. Institute of Education, University of LondonMora, M200081
Singing the right tones of the words: the principles and poetics of tone-melody mapping in CantopopChow, Man-ying.; 周敏盈.2012224
Sirens of the Lake: Sensing Place through Song'. June 16-19, The International Institute for Asian Studies/University of LeidenMora, M200465
Six music compositionsKoo, Chat-po; 顧七寶1992267
Skyland Ascended: Composition for Huqin Quartet. Premiered by Singapore Huqin Quartet at Osaka Izumi Concert Hall, JapanChan, JKB2005120
Speaking Together: the dialogics and politics of a new musical experience among the T'boli of the PhilippinesMora, M199683
Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms (in Chinese)Chan, JKB199699
Structural ordering in contemporary music: the perceptibility factor reconsideredLo, Ting-cheung.; 盧定彰.2011147
Subjectivity, place and song in Filipino ‘altered-native' musicMora, M200578
Syncretic Traditions and Western Idioms: Composers and Works'Chan, HY2002103
The Balinese gamelan gong kebyarThe University of Hong Kong; Mora, Manolete2004165
The chansons of Claudin de Sermisy in Attaingnant's Chansons nouvellesand other early collectionsChong, Siu-ping, Amy.; 莊小屛2002741
The development in Hong Kong of commercial popular songs in CantoneseNg, Pong-wai, Brenda.; 吳邦瑋.1996259
The development of musicals in Hong KongChan, Tracy.; 陳翠詩.1999215
The Highland bagpipe in Hong Kong: a study ofits role, function and developmentHo, Wai-chung, Anthony.; 何偉聰2001514
The Hong Kong soundscape: music and sound in Johnnie To's PTUMui, Yee-man.; 梅綺雯.2010245
The performances of J.S. Bach's music in the Hong Kong Arts Festival: a case study of Bach reception in Hong KongYip, Lam, Christine.; 葉琳.1997259
The piano as cultural capital in Hong KongPoon, Letty.; 潘穎芝.201283
The role of the military and municipal bands in shaping the musical life of Macau, ca.1820 to 1935Da Veiga Jardim, Neto Oswaldo.2002454
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