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Unattended child: an area of neglect in Hong KongMa, Kwong-cho.; 馬光祖.2000597
Understanding greenpeace campaigns in China: empowerment and mobilizationWang, Liang; 汪亮2006330
Understanding the Challenges of Inter-governmental Cooperation in South China: Some Preliminary Observations'Cheung, PTY200893
Understanding the citizen-centric approach in e-government service delivery: a case study of the HKSARgovernment's one stop access portal - GovHKLau, Chi-kan.; 劉志勤.2009182
Understanding the policy process of mandatory building inspection in Hong KongChan, Chun-man.; 陳俊文.2011289
Understanding the Political Culture of Hong Kong: The Paradox of Activism and DepoliticizationLam, WM2004102
The Unfinished Project of Explaining Administrative LegitimacyJordan, SR; Gray, PW200988
Uniform Exceptions and Rights ViolationsChiu, Y201083
United States' foreign policy towards the British Crown Colony of HongKong during the early Cold War period, 1945-1964Lombardo, Johannes Richard.1997299
Unpacking the House: Images of Heroism Against the Regulatory StateJordan, SR; Gray, PW200885
Unraveling the China factor in Hong Kong politicsLam, WM201192
Unsavory implications of a theory of justice and the law of peoples: The denial of human rights and the justification of slaverySteinhoff, U201285
Ups and downs on the policy agenda: the case of health care system reform in Hong Kong after 1997Tam, Sin-yee.; 譚善儀2008232
Urban renewal policy in Hong Kong: an analysis of its formulation and implementationWong, Chi-hung.; 黃志鴻.1999905
The use and abuse of emergency powers by the Hong Kong GovernmentMiners, N199681
Use of discretion and the law: formal and informal perspectives in the Royal Hong Kong PoliceNicholson, W. I.1981198
The Uselessness of Rawls’s 'Ideal Theory'Steinhoff, UB201222
User charges: a new way for funding social welfare services in Hong KongCheung, Lam-chau.; 張林秋.1996211
Values and process in the formulation of mental health policyBarker, Lindsay Ann.1991268
A View of Lake Placid from a Hong Kong Hillside What Does the World of Public Administration Scholarship Get from Another Minnowbrook?Jordan, SR200979
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