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"Paradox of housing and investment needs": can we achieve a win-win situation through the re-introduction ofHOS flats without jeopardizing the prosperous development of propertymarket?Tam, Man-hoi, Jack.; 譚文海.2011278
The Path Dependence Of Reforming A Regulatory Policy In China—case Of Food SafetyWang, X200993
Patients' resources centre: from a ��marketingstrategy' to an enhancement of the quality of patient careCheung, Yun-ping, Mary.; 張潤屛.1995165
Patron-client politics in Hong KongKwong, Kam-kwan.; 鄺錦鈞.2004271
Patron-client politics revisited: the case of MacauLam, WM200791
Pay administration in the Hong Kong civil serviceChan, Nga-lai, Ella.; 陳雅麗.1992179
Pay policy of the Hong Kong civil service: the way forwardLaw, Hoi-yan; 羅凱茵2005136
Pearl River Delta DevelopmentCheung, PTY199883
The People's Republic of China at 50: National political reformBurns, JP1999261
People's war and the United States in southeast Asia: a study in social philosophyLane, Charles Dennison.1994168
The People’s Political Consultative Conference in Post-Mao Chinese PoliticsYan, X201158
Perceptions of universal suffrage and functional representation in Hong Kong: A confused public?Chan, J; Chan, E2006110
Performance appraisal for executive officers of the HKSARHsu, Lily Maria; 徐莉莉2003314
Performance appraisal system in the Hong Kong correctional servicesChan, Suk-yin, Irene.; 陳淑賢.2003303
Performance Management in Hong Kong's Food and Environmental Hygiene Department'Burns, JP2006114
Performance management in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong: the case of the University of Hong KongChoi, Suk-han, Alexandra.; 蔡淑嫻2002229
Performance management of valuation officer in Rating and Valuation DepartmentLeung, Chi-wah.; 梁志華.2009121
Performance management system in the Hong Kong civil service: the case of the Post Office Trading FundCheng, Chor-fan, Fanny.; 鄭楚芬.2001430
Performance-based pay and the Hong Kong civil service: a case study of the Customs and Excise DepartmentYeung, Kai-fei, Cecilia.; 楊嘉斐.2003325
Personnel policy and the disciplined services 1985-1991: an evaluation of pay policyChu, Man-kin.; 朱文健.1992181
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