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Making Sense of Confucian JusticeChan, JCW2001155
Making sense of participation: The political culture of pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong KongLee, FLF; Chan, JM2008131
Making Sense of the Indian BombHu, RW199876
Management of sick leave: a case of moral hazard in Hong Kong Immigration DepartmentNip, Yan-ho.; 聶欣濠.2010267
Managing auxiliary members in the Civil Aid Service: organizational change between 1999 and 2005Yu, Chung-kit.; 余忠傑.2006302
Managing the Guangdong-Hong Kong InterfaceCheung, PTY199870
Managing the Hong Kong-Guangdong Relationship: Issues and ChallengesCheung, PTY2001181
Managing Uncertainty: Chinese Approach to International Financial InstitutionsSohn, IJ200992
Mandatory planning for environmental innovation: Evaluating regulatory mechanisms for toxics use reductionO'Rourke, D; Lee, E200496
Mandatory provident fund as a replacement for civil service pension inHong KongLau, Cheung-yun, Lily.; 劉章欣.2000275
Mapping the civil society in Macao: democratically possible?Lam, WM2008158
Market reform, financial hardship and political participation: the government reform in Q CountyYan, X2009209
Marxist critique of capitalist democracy: theperspective of rational choice MarxismKong, Yuek-man, Josephine.; 江若雯.2004302
Materialism and motivation towards compensation in Hong Kong civil servantsWong, Tung-kwong, Herman; 黃東光2006439
Measuring the public service motivation in Hong KongYau, Siu-kei; 丘紹箕201379
Medical insurance: the solution to health care financing in Hong Kong?Fan, Yun-sun, Susan.; 范瑩孫.1992207
Meekness, Anger and Accountability in Public Management NetworksJordan, SR201241
Mental health policy in Hong Kong: an analysis of the policy on the provision of community care for ex-mental patientsLaw, Wai-yu, Irene.; 羅惠如.1994564
Mental health policy: a case study of the establishment and impact of the half-way houses of Sun Chui EstateMo, Chung-yin.; 巫頌賢.1987171
Methodology of training needs surveysKitchell, Abdul Rahim Bin1980225
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