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A Kantian perspective on regime changeChiu, Y201160
Kantian Political InterventionChiu, Y201065
Killing civiliansSteinhoff, UB201173
Killing Them Safely: Extreme Asymmetry and its DiscontentsSteinhoff, UB201329
Konfusianisme og menneskerettigheter (Confucianism and human rights)Chan, JCW1997179
The Korean welfare state: A paradox of expansion in an era of globalisation and economic crisisKwon, S; Holliday, I2007141
Labor politics in Hong Kong: a case study on minimum wages legislationLam, Cheuk-ho, Raymond.; 林焯豪.2007793
Labour policy and the employment ordinanceYeung, Siu-hung, Polly.; 楊少紅.1991247
Labour policy and the protection of the legal entitlements of private sector employeesTse, Sau-kuen.; 謝秀娟.1992360
Labour policy in Hong Kong in the 90'Chan, Ha-kwan, Nikkiter.; 陳夏鈞.2000484
Language training policy in the Hong Kong civil serviceWong, Yiu-wan, Vivian; 王耀芸1980215
Learning to co-operate: China's multilateral approach to Asian financial co-operationSohn, I2008197
Legacy and Reconstruction of Route 128 GovernanceLee, M; Lee, E2007105
Legal rights of immigrants over adverse administrative decisions against immigration ... [or], The legal battle between the aliens andthe governmentLee, Kien-chong, Sammy.; 李健昌.1981178
Legalizing defensive tortureSteinhoff, UB201279
Legitimacy and participation in rural Post-Mao China: cases from AnhuiHo, Chiew-siang.; 何秋祥.2005115
Legitimacy and Power: The Political Dynamics of East Asian Financial RegionalismSohn, IJ201195
Legitimacy, unanimity, and perfectionismChan, J200097
Liberal lustrationChiu, Y201155
Lifeling learning is a HRM strategy in the Hong Kong Police ForceMak, Bo-yin, Matthew.; 麥保然.2005234
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