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Health care delivery and financing in Hong KongChan, Hung-yee; 陳鴻儀2001203
Health care financing options for Hong KongHo, Chi-hang, Bruce.; 何知行2002231
The health care miracle in East and Southeast Asia: Activist state provision in Hong Kong, Malaysia and SingaporeRamesh, M; Holliday, IAN200160
Hegemony and socialisation of the mass public: the case of postwar Japan's cooperation with the United States on China policyWang, QK2003280
Herbert SimonJordan, SR201315
A high degree of autonomy? Hong kong special administrative region, 1997-2002Holliday, I; Ngok, M; Yep, R200280
History and context of public administration in Hong KongLee, EWY2011235
Hiving-off hospital services in Hong KongIp, Wei-chung.; 葉衛忠.1989226
Hiving-off of government functions: the case of the Civil Aid ServicesLai, Suk-shan; 黎淑珊1980202
Hiving-off: the case of the Hong Kong Post OfficeMansukhani, Suresh.1981231
Hiving-off: the case of the Kowloon-Canton Railway CorporationLeung, Pik-yee, Emily.; 梁璧儀.1989276
Hong Kong : the Hong Kong Legislative Council : where politics matters more than sizeLam, WM201247
Hong Kong After the HandoverCheung, PTY199890
Hong Kong After the Reversion: In Search of a Post-colonial OrderTang, JTH199989
The Hong Kong civil service in transitionBurns, JP1999127
Hong Kong civil service pay and conditions of service revisitedFu, Shuk-man, Susana.; 傅淑文.1987263
Hong Kong civil service pension system: from pension to provident fundCheung, Wan-kum, Amelia.; 張韻琴2002390
Hong Kong government budget: a policy perspectiveChik Lau, Chiu-ming.; 戚劉昭明.1986224
Hong Kong immigration policies in admitting talents and professionals: issues, concerns and prospectsFan, Kam-ming.; 樊錦明.2010224
Hong Kong in transition: globalization versus nationalizationTang, JTH199668
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