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De-institutionalizing culture: a study of there-institutionalization of the cultural apparatuses of Hong KongMok Wing-yee, Heronie.; 莫詠儀2002251
Debate: Jeff McMahan on the moral inequality of combatantsSteinhoff, U2008108
Decolonization in the post-decolonization era: British Dependent Territories, the future of Hong Kong, and the Common LawTang, JTH1994125
Defining fellow compatriots as 'others' - National identity in Hong KongChan, E200069
Defusing the ticking social bomb argument: the right to self-defensive tortureSteinhoff, UB2010192
Democracy and intra-party democratization: the cases of Taiwan and Hong KongYu, Wing-yat.; 余永逸.2004272
Democracy and meritocracy: Toward a confucian perspectiveChan, J2007140
Democracy in the era of globalization: explaining authoritarian practices in Asia and Latin AmericaSkene, Christopher.2004277
Democratic Development and Citizen Attitudes in Hong KongLam, WM2011126
Democratic transition frustrated: the case of Hong KongLam, WM; Kuan, HC2008222
Democratization in turmoil? Elections in Hong KongChan, E; Kwok, R199976
The democratizing power of economic reform: The revival of a representative institution in Rural ChinaYan, X2011192
Demystifying the Hermit Kingdom: Understanding Bureaucratic Behavior in North KoreaJordan, SR; Ip, E.C.Y.2012114
Depoliticization, citizenship, and the politics of community in Hong KongLam, WM2005412
Designing Effective Intervention for Irrigation Management: Cases from the Indrawati Watershed in NepalLam, WF; Ostrom, E; Shivakoti, GP; Yoder, R2005101
Designing institutional arrangements for the delivery of training in the HKSAR GovernmentTo, Chun-wai, Clarence.; 杜振偉.2006224
Designing institutions for inter-agency cooperation: a study of landslide management in Hong KongChan, So-ngor.; 陳素娥2001204
Designing institutions for irrigation management: Comparing irrigation agencies in Nepal and TaiwanLam, WF2006112
Designing Public Agencies for Service Provision and Production: Comparing Irrigation Agencies in Nepal and Taiwan'Lam, WF200475
Development of the nonprofit sector in Hong Kong and Singapore: A comparison of two statist-corporatist regimesLee, EWY; Haque, MS2008237
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