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Xiao Yuncong (1596-1669) and his landscape paintingsSzeto, Yuen-kit.; 司徒元傑1999495
Xin Xi Guxiang: A Study of Regional Associations as a Bonding Mechanism in the Chinese Diaspora. The Hong Kong ExperienceSinn, EYY1997334
The Xinggong Caotan: a unique model of Daoist Charitable Hall in modern CantonLeung, AKC2009169
Xu Beihong [1895-1953] and Western influence: a study of his large-scale history paintingsYeung, Yuk-ling, Cecilia.; 楊玉玲1996447
Xunzi and Zhuangzi: two approaches to death in Classical Chinese ThoughtFraser, CJ2010338
Xunzi Versus Zhuangzi: Two Approaches to Death in Classical Chinese ThoughtFraser, CJ201320
Xuwu zhuyi yu lunli duoyuanhua (Nihilism and moral pluralismCi, J2000221
Y.M.C.A. chaplains and the Chinese labourers on the Western Front, 1917-1918Cunich, PA2009153
Y.R. Chao and universal Chinese grammarMatthews, SJ1999177
Yan Kwai, le defi de la couleur (French translation by Gerard Henry)Clarke, DJ1996106
Yazhou dangdai yishu ji qi zai xifangde jiena. Art China(Dangdai yishu)(Shanghai), Vol. 3, No. 3, 2004. P26-8. Translated by Li Zhe. Other Versions have been posted on the web at and http://hk.cl2000.coClarke, DJ2003288
Yi Kwon MuRoberts, PM201044
Yi, Kwon-muRoberts, PM1999100
Yi, Kwon-muRoberts, PM200293
"You may know better than I do when it comes to medical thing": client’s elicitation of advice in prenatal genetic counseling in Hong KongZayts, O; Schnurr, S2011118
'You may know better than I do': negotiating advice-giving in Down Syndrome screening in a Hong Kong prenatal hospitalZayts, OA; Schnurr, S2012101
"You play with me, then I friend you.": development of conditional constructions in Chinese-English bilingual preschool children inSingaporeChen, Ee-san; 陳玉珊2002551
Young People and the European City: Age Relations in Nottingham and Saint-Etienne, 1890-1940Pomfret, DM2004105
Younger, KennethRoberts, PM201044
Younger, KennethRoberts, PM199987
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