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Wagering love between desire and discipline: a study of sexual power in Eric Rohmer's Six moral talesLai, Wai-ting, Thomas.; 黎偉廷.2011270
Wandering the way: a eudaimonistic approach to the ZhuangziFraser, CJ2009133
Wandering the Way: A Eudaimonistic Approach to the Zhuangzi.Fraser, CJ201317
Wang Bi and limitations of the expressive power of languageHo, Siu-kei, Gary.; 何肇基.2009289
Wang, J. (1996). High Culture Fever: Politics, Aesthetics, and Ideology in Deng's China: Book reviewsLee, GB1998291
Wantang qinjia Chen Zhuo shengping kaobian [Assessing the Biographical Data of Qin Musicians: The Case of Chen Zhuo]Yang, Y201086
War of Tongues: The Politics of Language in French IndochinaHa, MOY200887
War, intervention and moralityAgassi, Joseph; Goldstein, Laurence, 1947-; Hansen, Chad2003659
The Warring States Concept of XingRobins, D201164
Warrior Lanling,” 6 Dec 2007, Kwan Tsing Theatre (The music for this City Contemporary Dance Company production was performed, choreography by Willy Tsao)Chan, HY200789
Was there a biological concept of environment in the eighteenth century?Cook, GA200688
Water and art: a cross-cultural study of water as subject and medium in modern and contemporary artistic practiceClarke, DJ201093
The watery turn in contemporary Chinese artClarke, D2006117
Ways of seeing new Chinese landscapes art: some ecocritical observationsChu, KW201321
Wayward daughter: Language contact in the emergence of Pichi (Equatorial Guinea)Yakpo, K201317
We are just an emial away!Cheung, EMK201248
We are what we eat: food in the process of community formation and identity shaping among African traders in Guangzhou and YiwuBodomo, A; Ma, E2012140
WebCT course design for Syntax II: The Theory of Grammar.Bodomo, AB2000116
Weber and his critics: a contribution to the possibility of the sociology of knowledge.Tsui, Yuen-fong.; 徐婉芳.1968375
Wedemeyer, Albert Coady (1897-1989)Roberts, PM200937
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