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Vance, Cyrus RobertsRoberts, PM; Roberts, PM200379
Variability in American English s-retraction suggests a solution to the actuation problemBaker, A; Archangeli, D; Mielke, J201140
Variation in the use of the particle ge in Hong Kong CantoneseTsang, Wai-lan.; 曾慧蘭.1997207
Varieties of Cultural Hybridity: Hong Kong Art in the Late Colonial EraClarke, David J1997544
Verb fronting in French and Sinitic vernaculars: a comparative study inspired by Chris CorneMatthews, SJ200388
Verb-copying constructions in Cantonese. In B.K. T'sou (ed.)Matthews, SJ; Yip, V199892
Verbal and nominal classification: syntactic and semantic parallels in Cantonese and beyondMatthews, SJ; Yip, V199998
Verbal vs. nominal classifier constructions in Cantonese and ThaiMatthews, SJ; Leung, TC200176
Vietnamese Diaspora in FranceHa, MOY2003134
Violence, postcoloniality and (re)placing the subject: a study of the novels of Margaret AtwoodTrapani, Hilary Jane.1994210
Virginia Woolf's To the lighthouse, Mrs Dalloway and OrlandoChan, Big-yu, Cindy.; 陳碧瑜.2000400
Virtuality and the city: Benjamin against BaudrillardZhang, Lei; 張磊2003666
Virtues in Mencius: an interpretation and justificationWan, Shun-chuen.; 溫信傳.2007703
Visible/invisible space: representation and remapping of a globalizing ChinaLeung, Lai-pik, Anne; 梁麗碧2007223
''Visions of Nurturance': French Colonial Policy and the Infantilisation of Indochina'Pomfret, DM200681
Visual Chinese character recognition: Does phonological information mediate access to meaning?Tan, LH; Perfetti, CA199751
Vocabulary learning strategies of Chinese learners studying JapaneseTaga, Yumi.2000469
Vocabulary learning strategies: a case study of form four students in a Chinese-medium secondary schoolLaw, Bik-yuk, Sally.; 羅碧玉.20031,263
‘The Voice in Silence’: Hugo Riemann’s Pausenlehre and Its Psychological ImplicationsKim, Y201316
Voices from the Ruins of Tokyo: Children’s Memories of the 1923 EarthquakeBorland, JL201153
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