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Taft, Robert A.Roberts, PM199995
Taft, Robert A.Roberts, PM200288
Tag questions in Hong Kong English: a corpus-based studyWong, MLY2007198
Taiwan's propaganda activities in the United States, 1971-1979Wang, Chongyuan.; 王重圆.201382
Taiwanese Triads in the Transnational Imagination: MAHJONG and GOODBYE SOUTH, GOODBYEMarchetti, G2004142
Takaki, RonaldRoberts, PM199997
Taking the reasons for human rights seriouslyCi, J2005245
Taking the Reasons for Human Rights Seriously (in China)Ci, J2003119
A tale of two scrolls: manuscript Tky, Tky Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan TB1393 and manuscript Hikone, Hikone-j Hakubutsukan V633Yang, Y200897
Tales of Courtship: Encountering the MongolsHammers, RL2009114
Task motivation and student motivation in an English for occupational purposes course at the tertiary level in Hong Kong: a case studyLau, William.; 劉威倫.2003725
Tasker H. Bliss and the Evolution of Allied Unified Command, 1918: A Note on Old Battles RevisitedRoberts, PM200182
Teachers' beliefs about classroom practice: implications for the role of second language acquisition theory inteacher educationMackenzie, Kevin Roderick.1998287
Teachers' perceptions of communicative language teaching in Hong Kong secondary language classrooms: aninvestigation into the implementation of the syllabus for english(Forms I-V)Wong, Suk-fun.; 黃淑芬.1998765
Teaching film as a space of interpretative interactionYung, Yuk-yu.; 容若愚.1998178
Teaching film in Asia: moving from the international to the transnational classroomMarchetti, G200968
Teaching Intercultural Interaction in the Nineteenth CenturyThomas, GM200677
Teaching reading in China: phonics versus whole wordMellen, Brad.2002421
Technologising the male body: British cinema 1957-1987Mao, Sihui.; 毛思慧1997368
Telephone Calls: Unity and Diversity in the Structure of Telephone Conversations across Languages and CulturesLuke, KK; Pavlidou, TS200275
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