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Qin and Qin Music (in Chinese)Chan, HY199887
Qing Arts in European PalacesThomas, GM201145
Quantitative tract-based white matter development from birth to age 2yearsGeng, X; Gouttard, S; Sharma, A; Gu, H; Styner, M; Lin, W; Gerig, G; Gilmore, JH201280
The Quasi-documentary and Imaginary Landscapes: On Jia Zhongke and Fruit ChanCheung, EMK200779
Queer Politics and Its Discontents: the case of the postcolonial tongzhi community in Hong Kong”Szeto, MM200781
Questions of Realism and Chinese-Language Cinema: Locating Patrick Tam's AFTER THIS OUR EXILE within the ‘Desert of the Real’Marchetti, G200878
Quine on analyticity, translation and meaningChan, King-man.; 陳景文1993470
"Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?" The Federal Reserve System's Founding Fathers and Allied Finances in the First World WarRoberts, P199853
Race and gender in the works of Maxine Hong Kingston, Alice Walker andToni MorrisonHui, Fung-mei, Sandra.; 許鳳薇.2004918
'Race in China'Dikotter, F2006130
'The Racialisation of the Globe: Historical Perspectives'Dikotter, F2007123
The racialization of the globe: An interactive interpretationDikötter, F2008198
The racialization of the globe: historical perspectivesDikotter, F2011116
Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliRoberts, PM201034
Radhakrishnan, SarvepalliRoberts, PM199993
Raining, drowning and swimming: Fu Baoshi and waterClarke, D2006118
Raising eurasia: Race, class, and age in French and British coloniesPomfret, DM200967
’Raising Eurasia’: Age, Gender and Race in Hong Kong and Indochina,Pomfret, DM2009157
Raping mail/males: reading and writing in Clarissa: y Ho Poi-yan Ingrid.Ho, Poi-yan, Ingrid.; 何蓓茵1997326
'Rassendiskurs in China'Dikotter, F2008104
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