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Results 1957 to 1976 of 3647
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MacArthur, Douglas (1880-1964)Roberts, PM200399
Macau Creole Portuguese and Pidgin Portuguese: a continuum?Li, KLM201327
Macau in Hong Kong filmsWong, Wai-kit.; 黃蔚潔.2000342
Macau Pidgin Portuguese: Evidence from a new sourceLi, M; Matthews, S201272
Macau: a cultural janus in colonial vicissitudesCheng, Christina Miu Bing.; 鄭妙冰1996472
Macau: the port for two republicsSpooner, Paul B.2009931
Madame butterfly and orientalismLi, Chun-hoi, Benjamin.; 李俊海.2000628
Made in Hong Kong: ExcerptsCheung, EMK200988
Madness and literature: the desire for freedom and redemptive orderPon, Cynthia.; 潘惠敏1990296
‘Magic Islands’: children and childhood in British Colonial contextsPomfret, DM201181
Magic realism and `root-searching' in the works of Mo Yan, Zhaxi Dawa and Han ShaogongYau, Wai-ping.; 邱偉平1996520
The Mahler Symphony Debate: Programme or Absolute?' (article in English & Chinese)Chan, HY200098
Mainlandization and neoliberalism with postcolonial and Chinese characteristics: challenges for the Hong Kong film industrySzeto, MM; Chen, YC2011266
Mainlandization or Sinophone translocality? Challenges for Hong Kong SAR New Wave cinemaSzeto, MM; Chen, Y.C.2012115
Major rival schools: mohism and legalismFraser, CJ2011108
Makeshift schools and education in the ruins of Tokyo, 1923Borland, JL200928
Makin, Norman J.O.Roberts, PM200084
Makin, Norman J.O.Roberts, PM200277
Making Art in the Shadow of the Future: Hong Kong Artists and the 1997 Transfer of SovereigntyClarke, DJ199993
Making Art in the Shadow of the Future: Hong Kong Artists and the 1997 Transfer of Sovereignty (Keynote Speech)Clarke, DJ199891
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