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L1 effect on L2 acquisition: an investigationon Hong Kong bilingualsTang, Hoi-yee, Cindy.; 鄧凱兒.2006450
L1 influence on Cantonese as a second language among adult Putonghua-speaking learners in Hong KongLau, Mung-ha; 劉夢霞201048
L1 influence on the learning of English among high school students in Harbin: a case study of adverbialplacementHu, Yuxiu, Lucille.; 胡玉秀.2006430
L1 influence on the learning of some syntactic structures among Hong Kong students of English: a case study ofprepositional placementChan, Che-lee, Pamela.; 陳芷莉.2003755
La botanique, une passion contre les passionsCook, GA201271
La crise morale dans la Chine post-maoisteCi, J200884
La fabrication posthume des Fragmens pour un dictionnaire des termes d’usage en botanique et son attribution à RousseauCook, GA20137
''La Femme frane7aise aux colonies': Promoting Colonial Female Emigration at the Turn of the Century'Ha, MOY2005110
La Femme frane7oise anx colonies'Ha, MOY200488
La politique des langues dans l’enseignement colonial en Indochine ?Ha, MOY200972
'La Socie9te9 d'e9migration des femmes' and Colonial Female Emigration at the Turn of the Century'Ha, MOY200493
La zone nouvelle de Pudong et le dE9veloppement urbain de Shanghai: une mise en perspective historiqueMacPherson, KL1995122
Labour unrest in Malaya, 1934-1941Tai, Yuen.; 戴淵1973369
LaFeber, WalterRoberts, PM199976
’Lands of Youth!’: Empire, Travel and the Cult of Youthful Energy in Britain and France, 1880s-1940”Pomfret, DM200769
Landscape and Portraiture from the Tokyo Fuji Art MuseumMuir, CD199892
The Landscape and the Figure: Gens of Western Oil Painting from the Tokyo Fuji MuseumMuir, CD1997112
Landscape, Travel, and a Daoist View of the Cosmic QuestionFraser, CJ201426
Landscape, travel, and a Zhuangist response to Nagel’s cosmic questionFraser, CJ201254
Language affects patterns of brain activation associated with perceptual decisionTan, LH; Chan, AHD; Kay, P; Khong, PL; Yip, LKC; Luke, KK2008150
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