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E-learningPomfret, DM201276
The Earliest Form of the Chinese Qin Zither?Yang, Y201254
'Early decisions' in prenatal genetic counselling sessions: negotiating the accomplishment of informed choiceKang, MA; Zayts, OA2010125
Early language differentiation and the Principle of Contrast in bilingual lexical developmentYip, V; Matthews, SJ200796
Early music psychology as an interdiscipline: historical reflections on music theory and the psychology of musicKim, Y2010117
Early Music Psychology as an Interdiscipline: Historical Reflections on Music Theory and the Psychology of MusicKim, Y200899
Early Qin music: manuscript Tōkyō, Tōkyō Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan TB1393 and manuscript Hikone, Hikone-Jōhakubutsukan V633Yang, Yuanzheng.; 楊元錚.2005484
Early-Modern European ‘linguistic imperialism’ in botany? The case of Chinese PlantsCook, GA2007108
The 'East Is Red' Goes Pop: Commodification, Hybridity and Nationalism in Chinese Popular Song and Its Televisual PerformanceLee, GB1995360
East-West contacts in Monsoon AsiaAnsaldo, U2010153
‘Eat, drink and sing, and be modern and global: food, Karaoke and ‘middle class’ consumers in China’Zhou, X2007154
Echoes of hope in Monteverdi’s L’ Orfeo and Beethoven’s FidelioChua, DKL201276
Eclectic Collecting: Art from Burma in the Denison MuseumGreen, AR200898
Ecocriticism and Chinese Philosophy in Conjunction: From Zhuangzi’s Butterfly Dream to Contemporary World CinemaCHU, K-W201315
Economies of Contagion: Financial Crisis and PandemicPeckham, RS201352
The ecopoetics of memories: landscape and identity in Tsang Tsui-shan's Big Blue Lake (2011)Yee, W201289
Edge of Empires: Chinese Elites and British Colonials in Hong Kong (originally published by Harvard University Press in 2005)Carroll, JM2007103
EditorCheung, EMK2007121
EditorMatthews, SJ199880
Editor of bookRoberts, PM1991101
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