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Cadenza as reception: stylistic and structural analysis of selected cadenzas for the first movement ofBeethoven's piano concerto op. 58Kwan, Kit-hing, Kelina.; 關傑卿1994598
Calling for Help. Carolyn D. Baker, Michael Emmison, Alan Firth (Eds.), John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2005, xviii + 352 pages, EUR 120Luke, KK200764
The Cambridge Foucault LexiconO'Leary, TE201326
Can 'Intrinsic' be defined using only broadly logical notions?Marshall, D200978
Can Scientific Values Be Extended to the Public Sphere? (review article)Ci, J200699
Can We Have Heritage Preservation Without Decolonization in Hong Kong? The Lessons of the Star Ferry and Queen's Pier Movement”Szeto, MM2007126
Candaux, J.D. & Drouin, J.M. (eds.) (2003). Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle: Mémoires et souvenirs (1778-1841): Book reviewsCook, GA2005248
The canonical word order myth: investigating a processing-typological puzzle in the Cantonese double object constructionCheung, AKS; Matthews, SJ2010167
Canton days and canton ways: the Canton System in its regional contextCarroll, JM201092
The Canton System: Conflict and Accommodation in the Contact ZoneCarroll, JM2010169
CantoneseBauer, RS; Matthews, SJ200296
Cantonese datives as complex predicates: insights from typology, processing and acquisitionMatthews, S201085
Cantonese grammar in areal perspectiveMatthews, SJ2006123
Cantonese grammar in areal perspectiveMatthews, SJ200591
Cantonese popular song in Hong Kong in the 1970s: an examination of musical content and social context inselected case studiesMan, Oi-kuen, Ivy.1998728
Cantonese relative clause processing: a working memory studyLam, Wai-yan, Sabena.; 林緯欣.201273
The Cantonese substrate in China Coast PidginAnsaldo, U; Matthews, SJ; Smith, GPS201195
Cantonese-speaking students' handling of WH-questions in EnglishWat, Lok-Sze, Josephine.; 屈樂思.2006258
Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar (2nd ed.)Matthews, SJ; Yip, V201198
Cantonese: language or dialect?Mau, Wing-yan, Annie.; 繆穎欣.2005543
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