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Results 1932 to 1951 of 3647
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Looting Empires: The End of Yuanming Yuan and the Beginning of the Musee ChinoisThomas, GM2004111
The Looting of Yuanming Yuan and the Translation of Chinese Art in EuropeThomas, GM2008162
Lord Lothian and Anglo-American relations, 1900-1940Roberts, PM2010101
Lord Lothian and the Atlantic WorldRoberts, PM2001107
Lord Lothian and the atlantic worldRoberts, P200453
Lord Lothian and the Atlantic World, 1910-1940Roberts, PM200372
Lord Lothian and the Atlantic World, 1910-1940'Roberts, PM200275
'Lost Girls on the Imperial Fringe: 'Child Slavery' in French Indochina, 1890-1945'Pomfret, DM200582
Lost in Translation: Culture, Identity and LanguageO'Leary, TE200677
Lou Ye: the birth of a personal eye (I)Lin, Yiping; 林一苹2010365
Love and Courtship in the Convent: St. Agnes and the Adult Christ in two Upper Rhine ManuscriptsMuir, CD200999
Love and Revolution in South China: The Church Missionary Society and the 1911 RevolutionCunich, PA201174
Love Divine, Divine Love: States of Mystical UnionMuir, CD199794
'The Love-Hate Relationship: China and the United States since 1970'Roberts, PM200462
The Love-Hate Relationship: China and the United States sine 1970 and the Impact on American Studies in ChinaRoberts, PM200258
Low frequency vocabulary and ESL writing assessmentPryde, Susanne Mona Graham.1998410
Low output ripple DC-DC converter based on an overlapping dual asymmetric half-bridge topologyLiu, JCP; Poon, NK; Pong, BMH; Tse, CK2007280
Lógica: conceptos clave en filosofíaLau, JYF; Deutsch, ME; Goldstein, L; Brennan, A2008127
Lu Xun's Lines of FlightO'Leary, TE201215
Ludwig van BeethovenChua, DKL2004102
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