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The ability of Hong Kong children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder to recognise facial emotionLee, YK; Hung, SF; Lam, WC; Lee, TMC2009134
Abnormal cortisol awakening response predicts worse cognitive function in patients with first-episode psychosisAas, M; Dazzan, P; Mondelli, V; Toulopoulou, T; Reichenberg, A; Di Forti, M; Fisher, HL; Handley, R; Hepgul, N; Marques, T; Miorelli, A; Taylor, H; Russo, M; Wiffen, B; Papadopoulos, A; Aitchison, KJ; Morgan, C; Murray, RM; Pariante, CM2011156
Academic achievement in the Chinese context: The role of goals, strategies, and effortHo, IT; Hau, KT2008167
The accuracy and reliability of perceived depth from linear perspective as a function of image sizeSaunders, JA; Backus, BT200663
Achievement Goals, Physical Self-Concept, and Social Physique Anxiety in a Physical Activity ContextHagger, MS; Hein, V; Chatzisarantis, NLD2011112
Acquiring color names via linguistic contrast: the influence of contrasting terms.Au, TK; Laframboise, DE199091
Acquiring word meanings via linguistic contrastAu, TKf; Markman, EM1987120
Activation of the hypothalamus characterizes the response to acupuncture stimulation in heroin addictsLiu, S; Zhou, W; Ruan, X; Li, R; Lee, T; Weng, X; Hu, J; Yang, G200787
Activation of Themes During Narrative ReadingZhang, H; Hoosain, R2005361
Active control with an isoluminant displayLi, L; Sweet, BT; Stone, LS2006282
Active-control antiepileptic drug trials in the newly diagnosed patient: Are we getting closer?Lee, MMK; Lee, TMC; Ng, PKK; Hung, ATF; Au, AML; Wong, VCN200252
The adaptation of patients during the hospitalization period of bone marrow transplantationHo, SMY; Horne, DJDL; Szer, J200290
Adaptation process and psychosocial resources of Chinese colorectal cancer patients undergoing adjuvant treatment: A qualitative analysisHou, WK; Lam, WWT; Fielding, R2009252
Adaptation to conflicting visual and physical heading directions during walkingSaunders, JA; Durgin, FH2011132
Advances in self-determination theory research in sport and exerciseHagger, MS; Chatzisarantis, NLD200765
Affective bias in internal attention shifting among depressed youthLo, BCY; Allen, NB2011160
After the viewpoint debate: Where next in object recognition?Hayward, WG200360
Age shall not weary us: Deleterious effects of self-regulation depletion are specific to younger adultsDahm, T; NeshatDoost, HT; Golden, AM; Horn, E; Hagger, M; Dalgleish, T2011123
Age-related differences in attentional networks of alerting and executive control in young, middle-aged, and older Chinese adultsZhou, SS; Fan, J; Lee, TMC; Wang, CQ; Wang, K201187
Age-related differences in neural activities during risk taking as revealed by functional MRILee, TMC; Leung, AWS; Fox, PT; Gao, JH; Chan, CCH2008135
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