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Validating the language domain subtest in a developmental assessment scale for preschool childrenWong, AMY; Leung, C; Siu, EKL; Lam, CCC201296
Validating the theory of mental self-government in a non-academic settingZhang, LF2005117
Validation of a screening tool for identifying three-year- old Cantonese-speaking children with language impairmentFong, Yik-yan; University of Hong Kong.2007235
Validation of synthesized hypernasal speech samplesSo, Yuk-ying; 蘇鈺瀅; University of Hong Kong2008140
Validation of the Chinese Version of Attitudes towards Mainstreaming Scale CATMSYuen, MT; Westwood, PS200283
Validation of the Chinese Version of the Attitudes Towards Mainstreaming Scale (ATMS)Yuen, MT; Westwood, PS200279
The validity of interval scaling for the evaluation of hypernasality.Whitehill, TL; Lee, ASY; Wong, KS200174
Validity of the Learning Process Questionnaire with students of lower academic achievementZhang, LF; Bernardo, A2000171
Validity of the learning process questionnaire with students of lower academic attainmentZhang, LF; Bernardo, ABI200078
Value education in social studies for primary schools in Hong Kong: a study of the different approaches used byteachers of social studiesPo, Sum-cho.; 布森祖.1989541
Value of blogs in preservice teacher educationDeng, L; Yuen, AHK200964
Value orientations in junior secondary social studies curriculumLeung, Lai-yung.; 梁麗容.1999338
Value orientations in primary Chinese language curriculum of HongKongHo, Yuen-ching.; 何婉貞.1999286
Value orientations in senior secondary (S4-S5) Chinese language curriculum of Hong Kong and perceptions of teachers on valueseducationLeung, Shuk-kwan.; 梁淑群.1996300
Value orientations in senior secondary English language education in Hong KongChan, Wai-fun.; 陳蕙芬.1999288
Value orientations in the junior secondary (S1 - S3) Chinese language curriculum in Hong KongAu, Yuen-yee, Mandy.; 區婉儀.1994332
The value(s) in shadow education: re-visiting pedagogy and learningYung, K201282
Values and values teaching of the english language subject for the junior forms (F.1-3) in a middle schoolLi, Suk-fong.; 李淑芳.1996368
Values and virtues in qualitative researchMacfarlane, BJ201067
Values Education and Music Education in China in a Global AgeHo, WC; Law, WW200691
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