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Japanese ODA's impact on Human Resources Development: The cases of Thailand and IndonesiaCheng, KM; Yamaguchi, Y2001114
JET and EPIK: Comparative perspectivesCarless, DR200480
Job satisfaction among graduate teachers of Chinese Language, English Language and mathematics in aided secondary schoolsPoon, Wing-pong.; 潘永邦.1996399
Job satisfaction among moderately mentally handicapped school teachersin Hong KongCheung, Chiu-kwan.; 張肖君.1995306
Job satisfaction among psychiatric nurse learnersLi, Tai-chiu, Peter.; 李帝昭.1996349
Job satisfaction among secondary school principals in Hong KongLaw, Yi-shu, Louise.; 羅懿舒.1987212
Job satisfaction among secondary school teachersWu, Keung-fai, Joseph.; 胡強輝.1993812
Job satisfaction among special education teachers of special schools for severe grade mentally handicapped children in Hong KongTo, Sung-sung.; 杜生生.1999542
Job satisfaction among student guidance teachers in Hong KongLeung, Tak-ting.; 梁德婷.1997308
Job satisfaction and turnover intention: a study on teachers of sub-standard secondary schools in GuangzhouLai, Pak-sang.; 賴柏生.1993410
Job satisfaction of guidance team leaders in secondary schools of HongKongWong, Wing-wai.; 黃榮偉.1995236
Job satisfaction of Hong Kong secondary school teachers revisitedSiu, ACK2005112
Job satisfaction of kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong: a holistic interpretationWong, Wai-yum, Veronica.; 黃蕙吟.2000496
Job satisfaction of return-migrant teachers in secondary schools of Hong Kong: case studies of return-migrantteachersHo, Sai-ming.; 何世明2000270
Job satisfaction of senior teachers in Hong Kong special schools for children with mental handicapNg, Wai-fun.; 吳慧芬.1995244
Job satisfaction of teachers of primary schools in Hong KongLo, Kwan-hung.; 羅君雄.1994286
Job satisfaction of teachers of social development school (special school for maladjusted children) in Hong KongTang, Shui-mui.; 鄧瑞梅.2000301
Job-sharing in a secondary school in Hong KongChim, Yin-chu, Cynthia.; 詹燕珠.2008292
A journey of teaching and learning with wikisChu, SKW201080
Junior form students' perception towards sex education programmes in asecondary school: a case studyTang, Cheuk-ming.; 鄧卓明.1999810
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