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Gaining an insider perspective on learning physics in Hong Kongvan Aalst, J2010118
Game theory and educational policy: Private education legislation in ChinaLaw, WW; Pan, SY2009166
Gaps-In-Noise and pitch pattern sequence tests: norms for Mandarin-speaking adolescentsChang, Man-si, Menzie.; 張汶詩.2010367
Gaps-in-noise test: norms for Cantonese adults in Hong KongChan, Wing-hong, Anthony.; 陳永康2008333
GCE AS Chinese: For teaching Chinese as a second language, Volume I (Unit1-3) (Text in Traditional Chinese)Shum, MSK; Ki, WW201185
Gender and conversational dominance in Japanese conversationItakura, H; Tsui, ABM2004516
Gender and school leadership: the perceptions of school leaders in ChinaLaw, WW201374
Gender and schooling: a study of gender role socialization in a primary schoolNgai, Siu-keung, George.; 倪紹強.1995408
Gender Construction in Kindergartens.Chen, SLE; Rao, N200675
Gender Construction in Kindergartens: A Proposed Model.Chen, ESL; Rao, N200872
Gender difference in the causal attributions for success and failure in achievement-related tasksLeung, Shuk-kan.; 梁淑勤.1993393
Gender differences and classifiers of oral language development of preschool children in Hong Kong (專題探討: 男女童在語言能力上的差異)Tse, SK; Kwong, SM; Chan, CKK; Li, H; Leung, SO2006140
Gender Differences in Information Technology AcceptanceMa, WWK; Yuen, HK200899
Gender Differences in Information Technology AcceptanceMa, WK; Yuen, HK200569
Gender differences in learning styles: Nurturing a gender and style sensitive computer science classroomLau, WWF; Yuen, AHK2010228
Gender differences in research scholarship among academics: An international comparative perspectiveJung, J201241
Gender Differences In Research Scholarship Among Academics: An International Comparative PerspectiveJung, J201322
Gender differences in self-construal: how generalizable are Western findings?Watkins, DA; Cheng, C; Mpofu, E; Olowu, S; Singh-Sengupta, S; Regmi, M2003168
Gender differences in students performanceCheng, MW; Yung, BHW; Wong, ASL2006120
Gender differences in using ICT in junior secondary design & technologyLau, Sai-chong.; 劉世蒼.2004306
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