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F0 influences on VAT: Cantonese and English speakersMa, EPM; Watson, BC; Roark, RM; Li, PM201321
Face validity of the Cantonese version of functional assessment of communication skills for adults (C-FACS)Woo, Kit-yan; 胡潔欣; University of Hong Kong2002160
Facilitating communication and social skills training for primary school childrenYeung, Wai-king, Ophelia.; 楊惠瓊.1994441
Facilitating conceptual changes in electrochemistry by using a CAI strategyLo, Tak-hing, Christopher.; 盧德興1998368
Facilitating development in preschoolers with Down's syndrome in Hong Kong: A controlled evaluation study of the effects on centre-based interventionRao, N199791
Facilitating educational change: IT innovation adoption focusing on teachers' concerns and the educationalleadership practiceLo, Pak-shing, Peter.; 盧伯成.2003284
Facilitating informal argumentation through online rubric-based assessmentLu, J; Zhang, Z201173
Facilitating learning with network discussion forumChan, Pun-tak.; 陳本德.2001302
Facilitating students collaborative learning of physics using Knowledge ForumHo, Wing-sze, Teresa.; 何詠詩.2003377
Facilitating the development of the under threes: observations from Hong KongLau, CGL; Lee, DPL; Rao, N201177
Facing informational technology: The new development of communicative writingTse, SK; Tam, PY2000105
Facing the shadow education system in Hong KongKwo, OWY; Bray, TM2011446
A factor analytic study of the cope questionnaire by sex of respondentsWu, J; Siu, A; Ho, WC2011137
Factorial Validity and Internal Consistency of a Chinese Version of the Career-Related Parent Support Scale: Data from Chinese University StudentsFan, W; Hao, D; Yuen, MT201325
Factors affecting 'NET' satisfaction and attrition: a case study of three native English teachers in HongKongButt, Aaron A.2007248
Factors affecting classroom implementation: Task-based curriculum renewal in Hong KongCarless, DR199993
Factors affecting girls' choice of science in a girls' schoolCheung, Siu-wan.; 張笑韻.2006256
Factors affecting Hong Kong parents' choices in the educational placement of their children with disabilitiesWong, Siu-ping.; 黃兆冰.1999177
Factors affecting Hong Kong students' self-perception on their mathematics performanceLeung, Pui-seung.; 梁佩嫦.1998397
Factors affecting internet usage of teachers in teaching: a study of senior form science teachers in Hong KongYau, Chi-leung.; 丘志良2002355
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