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"C'mon guys, make the connections": the development of student learning capacitiesCarless, D201068
Cadherin-catenin signaling in ovarian cancer progressionCheung, WT; Ip, KM; Wong, AST201072
CAM use by ST and other allied healthcare professionals in China and the United StatesHo, Yu-man; 何裕民2010111
Campus sustainability: Emerging curricula models in higher educationSavelyeva, T; McKenna, JR2011126
Campus TV and the Development of Important Thinking SkillsHung, HK; Yuen, HK2007122
Can a constructivist learning environment enhance a deep approach to learning?Fok, Po-yan.; 霍寶欣.2002515
Can animations assist lower-ability students in learning biologyKoo, Sze-tak.; 顧士德.1999349
Can Cantonese children with cochlear implants perceive lexical tones?Ciocca, V; Aisha, R; Francis, AL; Wong, LLN200083
Can education values be borrowed? Looking into cultural differencesCheng, KM1998544
Can factors affecting English pronoun development explain the Cantonese pronoun development?Cheng, Po-ching, Fiona; 鄭寶青; University of Hong Kong1993305
Can feet trimming make shoes fit?Law, NWY199492
Can High Achievement be Attributed to Better Teaching? - Results of the TIMSS Video StudyLeung, FKS200671
Can the enhancement of group working in classrooms provide a basis for effective communication in support of school-based cognitive achievement in classrooms of young learners?Kutnick, P; Berdondini, L2009180
Can the immersion of career oriented diversified curriculum into the school curriculum motivate students to learn?: a case studyWong, Kit-ching, Anne.; 黃潔貞.2004664
Can two variables be tested at any one time: a question failing not only pupils but teachers too!Yung, BHW1996101
Canadian and Chinese university students' approaches to coping with academic boredomTze, VMC; Daniels, LM; Klassen, RM; Li, JCH201387
Canton Children Rhyme and Chinese Language EducationTse, SK200381
Cantonese affricatesYiu, Hoi-yee, Heidy; 姚凱怡200863
Cantonese Chinese corpus of oral narratives (CANON) with morphological tagging: a preliminary reportLaw, SP; Kong, APH; Lee, A; Lai, CT; Lam, VW201270
Cantonese Consonant - Vowel Interaction: An EPG FindingSo, LKH199883
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