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The background of curriculum reform in the 21st century in Hong KongTse, SK2000135
The Background to Language Change in Hong KongHarrison, GJ; So, LKH1996609
Balancing Assessment, learning and instructionCarless, DR2008101
Balancing context, pedagogy and technology on learning space designs : opportunities amidst infrastructural developments in Hong KongFox, RMK; Lam, P2012102
Balancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in CambodiaBray, TM; Bunly, S2005236
Balancing Work and Child Care Among Hong Kong Parents: Paternal Involvement in Child Care and Parental Satisfaction as a Function of Mothers' Employment StatusPearson, E; Rao, N200594
Bamboo shed theater of Cantonese Opera: from cultural space to learning spaceNg, FP; Lam, JWI; Lo, AMF2011111
Bamboo-shed Cantonese Opera & School Education: from Culture Space to Learning SpaceNg, FP; Lam, JWI; Chan, ESY; Lo, AMF201244
Barriers to the development of talented athletes in Hong Kong: a case studySze, Mei-fong, Carmen.; 施美芳.1999379
Basic Cantonese Opera Script Writing (In Chinese)Yip, ST; Yuen, SF; Ng, FP2011106
Basic Chinese Language Competency-Views of Hong Kong EducatorsLai Au Yeung, WYW; Tong, HK; Leung, WH2003111
The basic unit of and the development of writing skills in ChineseLeung, MT; Chan, SM200887
Be slow to celebrate: a response to the green paper on equal opportunities for women and menLee, WO; Bray, TM1994196
A Beauty by Accident: Associate Degrees in Hong Kong (Key-note)Cheng, KM200284
Becoming and re-becoming a teacher in the Arabian Peninsula: Amal's story of hopeGallagher, K2011182
Becoming Learners: A Moral Commitment of EducatorsKwo, OWY201165
Beginning teachers in a prevocational school: their teaching problems and coping strategiesWong, Lai-king, Hester.; 黃麗琼.1995284
Beginning teachers' opinions of induction practices in Hong Kong aidedschools: implications for schoolmanagementFok, Oi-yiu, Eleanor.; 霍藹姚.1987235
A behavioral and ERP study of the role of radical position distribution in character recognition : evidence for position-specific radical representationCheung, Lai-ying; 張麗瑩201125
Behavioral audiometry for very young childrenWong, LLN200091
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