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The background of curriculum reform in the 21st century in Hong Kong
Curriculum Research
National Institute of Education Research.
Tse, SK2000163
The Background to Language Change in Hong Kong
Multilingual Matters Ltd.
Harrison, GJ; So, LKH1996647
Balancing Assessment, learning and instruction
Asia TEFL International Conference
Carless, DR2008110
Balancing context, pedagogy and technology on learning space designs : opportunities amidst infrastructural developments in Hong Kong
Physical and virtual learning spaces in higher education : concepts for the modern learning environment
Information Science Reference
Fox, RMK; Lam, P2012130
Balancing the Books: Household Financing of Basic Education in Cambodia
Comparative Education Research Centre, HKU.
Bray, TM; Bunly, S2005263
Balancing Work and Child Care Among Hong Kong Parents: Paternal Involvement in Child Care and Parental Satisfaction as a Function of Mothers' Employment Status
Children and Youth in Emerging and Transforming Societies International Conference, University of Oslo, Norway, June 29 - July 3
Pearson, E; Rao, N2005125
Bamboo shed theater of Cantonese Opera: from cultural space to learning space
33rd InSEA World Congress 2011
Ng, FP; Lam, JWI; Lo, AMF2011133
Bamboo-shed Cantonese Opera & School Education: from Culture Space to Learning Space
Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education Research, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
Ng, FP; Lam, JWI; Chan, ESY; Lo, AMF201255
Barriers to the development of talented athletes in Hong Kong: a case study
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Sze, Mei-fong, Carmen.; 施美芳.1999428
Basic Cantonese Opera Script Writing (In Chinese)
香港八和會館及八和粤劇學院 : 香港大學教育學院中文教育研究中心 (Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong & CACLER)
Yip, ST; Yuen, SF; Ng, FP2011135
Basic Chinese Language Competency-Views of Hong Kong Educators
The University of Hong Kong.
Lai Au Yeung, WYW; Tong, HK; Leung, WH2003133
Basic education and school discontinuation in national minority border regions of China
Social Change and Educational Development: Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong
Postiglione, GA; Teng, X; Ai, YP199525
Basic education and school discontinuation in national minority regions of China
Education and SocioPolitical Transitions in Asia
Postiglione, GA199513
The basic unit of and the development of writing skills in ChineseLeung, MT; Chan, SM2008112
Be slow to celebrate: a response to the green paper on equal opportunities for women and men
Green Paper on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men : Compendium of Submissions
Lee, WO; Bray, TM1994213
A Beauty by Accident: Associate Degrees in Hong Kong (Key-note)
Associate Degrees', organised by the Hong kong Council for Academic Accreditation
Cheng, KM2002108
Becoming and re-becoming a teacher in the Arabian Peninsula: Amal's story of hope
Teacher Development
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at
Gallagher, K2011201
Becoming Learners: A Moral Commitment of Educators
Cultural Construction and Teacher Development for Foreign Language Teachers (Selected Papers for the 3rd National Symposium on Foreign Language Teacher Education and Development)
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Kwo, OWY201182
Beginning teachers in a prevocational school: their teaching problems and coping strategies
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Wong, Lai-king, Hester.; 黃麗琼.1995328
Beginning teachers' opinions of induction practices in Hong Kong aidedschools: implications for schoolmanagement
The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong)
Fok, Oi-yiu, Eleanor.; 霍藹姚.1987252
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