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Wake and wake-induced shear-layer excitation in an annular jet.Lam, KM; Ko, NWM; Lau, KK198678
Waste disposal in the oceanJirka, GH; Lee, JHW1994156
Waste management in Hong Kong abattoirsKoenig, A; Yiu, WC1998112
Waste management in Hong Kong abattoirsKoenig, A; Yiu, WC1999290
Waste Water TreatmentThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002563
Wastewater organic as the precursors of disinfection byproducts in drinking water: characterization,biotransformation and treatmentLiu, Jinlin; 刘金林2011335
Wastewater organics as the precursors of disinfection byproducts in drinking waterLiu, J; Li, XY; Xie, YF2009194
Water film thickness, flowability and rheology of cement-sand mortarKwan, AKH; Fung, WWS; Wong, HHC2010270
Water film thickness: a fundamental parameter governing rheology of self-consolidating concrete (invited paper)Kwan, AKH; Wong, HC2007116
Water infiltration in unsaturated soil slopeNg, Man-chung; 吳敏聰2010366
Water permeation dynamics of AqpZ: A tale of two statesXin, L; Su, H; Nielsen, CH; Tang, C; Torres, J; Mu, Y201118
Water pollution and sewage strategy in Hong KongLee, JHW2003208
A water quality model for mariculture managementLee, JHW; Wong, PPS1997407
Water resources of Mainland ChinaChen, J; Niu, J; Sun, L2013100
Water resources security in the East RiverChen, J201260
Water resources sustainability in the East River in South China using water rights analysis packageChen, J; Chan, SN2007113
Water supplies of Hong KongFang, HHP2008595
Water Supply in Hong KongThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002528
Waterproof of rock joint with lead strip for splitting tuff sheet in ancient China quarrying cavernsYang, ZF; Zhang, LQ; Yue, ZQ; Zhang, ZJ; Yang, TY; Lin, XJ; Tao, KJ; Zhu, JW2012161
Watershed modeling and flood routing for safety assessment of an existing damLee, CF1996120
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