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Rail-bridge coupling element of unequal lengths for analysing train-track-bridge interaction systemsLou, P; Yu, ZW; Au, FTK2012209
Rainfall Infiltration and Landslides in Hong KongLee, CF; Chen, H1997116
Rainfall infiltration at an instrumented cut slopeLi, A; Yue, QZQ; Tham, LG; Lee, CF; Law, KT200298
Rainfall-induced landslide stability analysis in response to transient pore pressure - A case study of natural terrain landslide in Hong KongLan, H; Zhou, C; Lee, CF; Wang, S; Wu, FQ2004225
Ralationally integrated value networksKumaraswamy, MM; Rahman, M.M; Palaneeswaran, E; Ng, TST; Ugwu, OO2003120
Random Approximation of Measured In-Situ Stress Values by Three Dimensional Stress Function FittingWang, KJ; Lee, CF199790
Random VibrationZhuang, BC; Leung, AYT; Cheung, YK199593
Rapid analysis of 21 antibiotics of multiple classes in municipal wastewater using ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryLi, B; Zhang, T; Xu, Z; Fang, HHP2009778
Rapid assessment of seismic demand in existing building structuresTsang, HH; Su, RKL; Lam, NTK; Lo, SH2009201
A rational method for estimating maximum discharge of a landslide-induced debris flow: A case study from southwestern ChinaChen, NSh; Yue, ZQ; Cui, P; Li, ZL2007149
Rayleigh surface waves in an idealised partially saturated soilYang, J200579
Re-appraising approaches to proactive procurementKumaraswamy, MM1999165
Re-Engineering Construction Project TeamsRahman, MM; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, ST200394
Re-engineering Procurement Frameworks and RelationshipsMahanama, DS; Kumaraswamy, MM1997104
Reaction pathways and mechanisms of the electrochemical degradation of phenol on different electrodesLi, XY; Cui, YH; Feng, YJ; Xie, ZM; Gu, JD2005603
Reactivation of an old landslide in response to reservoir impoundment and fluctuationsLoo, Hui.; 盧慧.2006257
A reactive dynamic continuum user equilibrium model for bi-directional pedestrian flowsJiang, Y; Xiong, T; Wong, SC; Shu, CW; Zhang, M; Zhang, P; Lam, WHK2009234
A real time early warning and modelling system for red tides in Hong KongLee, JHW; Wong, KTM; Huang, Y; Jayawardena, AW2000120
Real time observations of coastal algal blooms by an early warning systemLee, JHW; Hodgkiss, IJ; Wong, KTM; Lam, IHY2005177
Real-time hydro-environmental modeling and visualization system for public engagementLee, JHW; Choi, KW200891
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