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Packing density measurement and modelling of fine aggregate and mortarKwan, AKH; Fung, WWS2009425
Packing density of cementitious materials: Measurement and modellingWong, HHC; Kwan, AKH2008214
Packing density of cementitious materials: Part 1-measurement using a wet packing methodWong, HHC; Kwan, AKH2008287
Packing density of cementitious materials: Part 2-packing and flow of OPC + PFA + CSFKwan, AKH; Wong, HHC2008231
Packing density: a key concept for mix design of high performance concreteWong, HC; Kwan, AKH2005233
Pak Shek Kok ReclamationThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002448
Palladium-indium catalyzed reduction of N-nitrosodimethylamine: Indium as a promoter metalDavie, MG; Shih, K; Pacheco, FA; Leckie, JO; Reinhard, M2008218
Paper No. GHM4-16, Paper No. GHM4-16Yue, QZQ2010103
A parallel bargaining protocol for automated sourcing of construction suppliersNg, ST; Li, W2006126
Parallel computation for time domain boundary element methodChu, Chin-keung.; 朱展強1999319
The parallel implementation of the genetic algorithm to calibrate a Lowry modelWong, CK; Wong, SC; Tong, CO199793
Parallelization of a hydrological model using the message passing interfaceWu, Y; Li, T; Sun, L; Chen, J201335
A parallelized genetic algorithm for the calibration of Lowry modelWong, SC; Wong, CK; Tong, CO2001119
Parameter identification of vehicles moving on continuous bridgesAu, FTK; Jiang, RJ; Cheung, YK2004126
Parameters governing the selection of procurement system - An empirical surveyLuu, DT; Ng, ST; Chen, SE2003248
Parametric analyses of push-out tests and implications for design of rock-socketed steel H-pileZhou, YD; Tham, LG; Tang, XW; Liu, YT; Wong, MK2011174
Parametric Analysis of Soil Nail Design for Cut SlopesYue, QZQ; Tham, LG; Lee, CF2003102
Parametric quadratic programming method for elastic contact fracture analysisSu, RKL; Zhu, Y; Leung, AYT2002289
Parametric Studies and Design Recommendations of Cold-formed Steel Sections with Web Openings subjected to Web CripplingUzzaman, A; Lim, JBP; Nash, D; Rhodes, J; Young, B201221
Parametric studies of single tower cable-stayed bridgesChen, DW; All, FTK; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK1998135
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