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Object-oriented framework for durability assessment and life cycle costing of highway bridgesUgwu, OO; Kumaraswamy, MM; Kung, F; Ng, ST2005235
Oblique vortex street from a circular cylinder oscillating in waterDai, GQ; Lam, KM2000105
Observational studies of pedestrian flowsXie, Siqi.; 谢思琪.2012190
Observations of unsaturated soils by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy in dynamic modeLourenço, SDN; Toll, DG; Augarde, CE; Gallipoli, D; Congreve, A; Smart, T; Evans, FD200831
Observed long-term behavior of residual stress in jacked pileYu, F; Tham, LG; Yang, J; Lee, PKK2011135
Observed performance of long steel H-piles jacked into sandy soilsYang, J; Tham, LG; Lee, PKK; Yu, F2006191
Occurence of peak lifting actions on a large horizontal cantilevered roofLam, KM; Zhao, JG2002282
Occurrence of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in activated sludges of a laboratory scale reactor and two wastewater treatment plantsZhang, T; Jin, T; Yan, Q; Shao, M; Wells, G; Criddle, C; Fang, HHP2009176
Occurrence of peak lift on a large cantilevered roofZhao, J; Lam, KM2000106
Occurrence, abundance, and diversity of tetracycline resistance genes in 15 sewage treatment plants across china and other global locationsZhang, XX; Zhang, T2011444
Occurrence, transformation and fate of antibiotics in municipal wastewater treatment plantsLi, Bing; 李炳2011180
Occurrence, transformation, and fate of antibiotics in municipal wastewater treatment plantsZhang, T; Li, B2011203
On a slow moving slope in Hong KongXu, Kai; 徐锴2011162
On an unknown and unused deterministic precursor possibly one to one corresponding to earthquakeYue, QZQ201263
On an unknown and unused deterministic precursor possibly one to one corresponding to the occurrence of damaging earthquakesYue, QZQ201175
On an unknown mode of earthquake energy propagation and damageYue, QZQ201060
On bandsolver using skyline storageLo, SH1992127
On constructing accurate recovered stress fields for the finite element solution of Reissner-Mindlin plate bending problemsLo, SH; Lee, CK1998105
On correction factors for liquefaction analysis of embankments and slopesSze, HY; Yang, J; Heung, M; Wang, G201329
On elastostatics of multilayered solids subjected to general surface tractionYue, ZQ199686
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