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Macro and micro behaviour of soil fracturingSoga, K; Gafar, KO; Ng, MYA; Au, SKA2006215
Macro-scale flow modelling of the Mekong River with spatial varianceTian, Ying; 田英2007312
A macroscopic approach to the lane formation phenomenon in pedestrian counterflowXiong, T; Zhang, P; Wong, SC; Shu, CW; Zhang, MP201194
Macroscopic characteristics of dense road networksPeng, Jixian; 彭继娴201311
Macroscopic modeling of lane-changing for two-lane traffic flowTang, TQ; Wong, SC; Huang, HJ; Zhang, P2009278
Macroscopic properties of dense road networksPeng, J; Wong, SC201251
A macroscopic taxi model for passenger demand, taxi utilization and level of servicesYang, H; Lau, YW; Wong, SC; Lo, HK2000129
A mainland china homogenized historical temperature dataset of 1951-2004Li, Q; Zhang, H; Chen, JI; Li, W; Liu, X; Jones, P2009150
Maintenance cost implications of utilizing bathroom modules manufactured offsitePan, W; Gibb, AGF; Sellars, AB200881
Making field placeable very-high-strength concrete in Hong KongChan, HC; Kwan, AKH199680
Making PPPs work in developing countries: major issues and challengesAnvuur, AM; Kumaraswamy, MM2006105
Manageability of stress among construction project participantsNg, ST; Skitmore, RM; Leung, TKC2005620
Management of rework in Hong Kong construction projectsEkambaram, P; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, TST; Love, PED2005104
Management, disposal and recycling of waste industrial organic solvents in Hong KongLau, PKW; Koenig, A2001126
Management, disposal and recycling of waste industrial organic solvents in Hong KongLau, PKW; Koenig, A199985
Manufactured construction: Revisiting the construction-manufacturing relationsPan, W; Arif, M201171
Mapping Methodologies and Mixing Methods in Construction Management ResearchKumaraswamy, MM; Chan, WM; Mahanama, DS; Yogeswaran, K1997105
Mapping of Rock Fractures using 3-D Laser Scanning Technique in an Autodesk 3-D Studio Max Environment.Kwong, AKL; Lee, CF2007111
Mapping rework causes and effects using artificial neural networksPalaneeswaran, E; Love, PED; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ng, TST2008197
Mass flows and removal of antibiotics in two municipal wastewater treatment plantsLi, B; Zhang, T2011363
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