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La Laguna Las Peonias - a case study of an inverse estuaryKoenig, A; Lee, JHW; Arega, F1999101
Laboratory comparative tests for geomaterial strengths with drilling process monitoring techniqueLu, WJ; Lau, TY; Yue, ZQ2008121
Laboratory comparative tests for geomaterial strengths with drilling process monitoring techniqueLu, WJ; Lau, TY; Yue, QZQ2008120
Laboratory investigation of loosely compacted completely decomposed granite for slope designZhang, Jiajie; 张家杰2011241
Laboratory measurement of dynamic properties of decomposed graniteGu, X; Yang, J201225
Laboratory measurement of shear stiffness of decomposed graniteGu, X; Yang, J2011175
Laboratory modelling of a round jet in an unsteady crossflowLam, KM; Xia, LP199898
Laboratory modelling of round jet dispersion in an unsteady crossflowLam, KM; Xia, LP1998118
Laboratory studies of two common saprolitic soils in Hong KongWang, YH; Yan, WM2006106
Laboratory study of feasibility of compaction grouting of soilYeung, AT; So, STC; Au, SKA; Lee, TK2011171
Laboratory study of soil nail pullout strength in loosely compacted silty and gravelly sand fillsPradhan, B; Yue, QZQ; Tham, LG; Lee, CF2003142
Laboratory study of soil-nail interaction in loose, completely decomposed graniteJunaideen, SM; Tham, LG; Lee, CF; Yue, ZQ; Law, KT2004164
Labour-intensive construction sub-contractors: Their critical success factorsNg, ST; Tang, Z2010210
Lagrangian modelling and visualization of rosette outfall plumesLee, JHW; Cheung, V; Wang, WP; Cheung, SKB2000104
Land-use pattern and road accidents in Hong KongHung, WT; Ng, KS; Lo, HK; Wong, CK; Wong, SC2001133
Landfill leachate treatment by anaerobic process and electrochemical oxidationWang, P; Lau Ivan, WC; Fang Herbert, HP2001112
Landfill leachate treatment with combined UASB and fenton coagulationWang, P; Lau, IWC; Fang, HHP; Zhou, D2000233
Landfills as sinks of society's material flows: the example of copper in Hong KongKoenig, A; Li, H2002138
Landform morphologic relations between inter-gullied and gullied land areas: a case study of the Wangjiagou watershed in the west of Shanxi ProvinceChen, H; Fang, HY; Cai, QG; Liang, GL; Yue, ZQ2006109
Landslide Amplification by Liquefaction of Runout-Path Material after the 2008 Wenchuan (M 8·0) Earthquake, ChinaWang, G; Huang, R; Chigira, M; Wu, X; Lourenço, SDN201328
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