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Results 2007 to 2026 of 5309
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Fabric and the critical state of idealized granular assemblages subject to biaxial shearYan, RWM; Zhang, L201350
Fabric anisotropy of granular materials: a microscale modelingYang, J; Dai, B2010355
Fabric evolution in a numerical direct shear testYan, WM2009186
Fabric evolution of two-dimensional idealized particle assemblage during shearLuo, Sai; 罗赛2012129
Fabric of granular materials at the critical stateYan, RWM; Zhang, L201290
Facilitating rational construction procurement selection through artificial intelligent approachesNg, TST200495
Factors affecting flux performance of forward osmosis systemsLay, WCL; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Fane, AG201241
Factors affecting site response to multi-directional earthquake loadingYang, J; Yan, XR2009265
Factors affecting the steady state of CDG loose fillsLaw, KT; Lee, CF; Zhai, Y199991
Factors contributing to the success of equipment-intensive subcontractors in constructionThomas Ng, S; Tang, Z; Palaneeswaran, E2009298
Factors Facilitating Faster ConstructionKumaraswamy, MM; Chan, WM1999604
Factors governing failure mechanisms of rock engineering problems in Hong KongKwong, AKL2004118
Factors influencing the success of PPP at feasibility stage: a tripartite comparison study in Hong KongNg, ST; Wong, YMW; Wong, JMW2012155
Factors influencing time and cost overruns in construction projects in the Gaza Strip: Consultant's viewEnshassi, A; Kumaraswamy, M; Al-Najjar, J2010118
Factors pertinent to the selection of architectural and building services consultantsNg, TST2004110
Failure analysis of four-point-supported glass panels subjected to blast loadingWEI, Y; Chen, S; Au, FTK201356
Failure Behaviour of Minerals in Granite under Uniaxial Compressive ConditionLi, L; Lee, PKK; Tsui, Y; Tham, LG1999104
Failure characteristic of Hong Kong granite: laboratory investigation and numerical simulationYu, Feng; 俞峰2001269
Failure model of soil around enlarged base of deep uplift pilesXu, HF; Yue, QZQ; Qian, QH201251
Failure of granite under constant loadingLin, QX; Tham, LG; Yeung, MR; Lee, PKK2004448
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