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X-ray analysis of anaerobic granulesFang, HH; Liu Yan1995107
X-ray diffraction study of the optimization of MgO growth conditions for magnetic tunnel junctionsO, SY; Lee, CG; Shapiro, AJ; Egelhoff Jr, WF; Vaudin, MD; Ruglovsky, JL; Mallett, J; Pong, PWT200892
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of ion beam sputter deposited calcium phosphate coatingWang, CX; Chen, ZQ; Wang, M200179
Xianggang ji zhujiang sanjiaozhou diqu nade jicheng jingzheng (Competition among the Airports in the Pearl River Delta Region)Loo, BPY; Wong, SC; Ho, HW2004163
XML data integration using fragment joinGong, J; Cheung, DW; Mamoulis, N; Kao, B2009254
An XML implementation for data exchange of heterogeneous object modelsKou, X; Tan, ST2009109
XML schema computations: Schema compatibility testing and subschema extractionLee, TY; Cheung, DW2010276
XML Schema Design and Management for e-Government Data InteroperabilityLee, T; Hon, CT; Cheung, D2009203
XML Schema Design and Management for e-Government Data InteroperabilityLee, TYT; Hon, CT; Cheung, DWL2009135
An XML-based real-time quality measurement schemeLau, HCW; Chan, FTS; Fung, R; Wong, CWY2004125
XML-manipulating techniques for the testing and analysis of XML-manipulating servicesMei, Lijun.; 梅立军.2010209
XML-manipulating test case prioritization for XML-manipulating servicesMei, L; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Merkel, RG2011154
An XPS study for mechanisms of arsenate adsorption onto a magnetite-doped activated carbon fiberZhang, S; Li, Xy; Chen, JP2010553
YAlO x as inter-poly delectric for improved performance of flash-memory applicationHuang, XD; Lai, PT201078
Yard Crane Scheduling in a Port Container Terminal Using Genetic AlgorithmNg, WC; Mak, KL; Tsang, WS2006632
Yard crane scheduling in port container terminalsNg, WC; Mak, KL2005214
Yard planning for vessel services with a cyclical calling patternNg, WC; Mak, KL; Li, MK2010200
Yield curvature modelling of reinforced concrete walls accounting for high axial load ratio (ALR)Wong, SM; Chandler, AM; Su, KL2005135
Yield line analysis of reinforced concrete slabs with openings by dip and strike angles methodKwan, AKH; Lam, JYK; Ng, PL201333
Yield Line Mechanism Analysis on Web Crippling of Cold-formed Stainless Steel Tubular Sections under Two-flange LoadingZhou, F; Young, B2006126
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