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U-DBMS: a database system for managing constantly-evolving dataCheng, R; Singh, S; Prabhakar, S2005239
UASB treatment of wastewater containing concentrated benzoateLi, YY; Fang, HHP; Chen, T; Chui, HK199584
UASB treatment of wastewater with concentrated mixed VFAFang, HHP; Yu You Li; Ho Kwong Chui1995151
UEP for video transmission in space-time coded OFDM systemsYang, GH; Shen, D; Li, VOK2004103
UFLE: a user-friendly location-free encryption system for mobile usersHe, Y; Chan, PF; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM201171
UFLS design by using f and integrating df/dtZhang, L; Zhong, J2006114
Ultimate bearing shear strength of cold-formed steel members using bolted connections at elevated temperaturesLim, JBP; Young, B; Feng, R2007119
Ultimate Compressive Strength of Cold-formed Steel Angle Struts Loaded Through a Single BoltZhou, F; Lim, JBP; Young, B201220
Ultimate concrete strain and equivalent rectangular stress block for design of high-strength concrete beamsHo, JCM; Kwan, AKH; Pam, HJ2002502
Ultimate shear capacity of reinforced high-strength concrete beamsIslam, MS; Pam, HJ; Kwan, AKH1996108
Ultimate strength and deformation of rectangular prestressed concrete beams subjected to combined bending and shearChung, Hung-wan.; 鍾鴻穩1963493
Ultimate strength and design of lipped channel columns experiencing local/distortional mode interaction - Part II: DSM design approachSilvestre, N; Camotim, D; Young, B2009301
Ultimate strength and design of lipped channel columns experiencing local/distortional mode interaction - Part I: Experimental investigationYoung, B; Camotim, D; Silvestre, N2009113
Ultimate strength equation for pultruded CFRP plates in fireWang, K; Young, B; Smith, ST201285
Ultimate stress in external tendons: Comments on the existing typical methodsDu, JS; Au, F TK2010173
Ultimate stress in external tendons: proposed method and testing verificationDu, JS; Au, FT2010302
Ultra wideband antennas: past and presentLim, EG; Wang, Z; Lei, CU; Wang, Y; Man, KL2010151
Ultra-high material-quality silicon pillars on glassLiu, F; AI-Jassim, MM; Young, DL2010145
Ultra-low background measurements in a large volume underground detector: Borexino CollaborationAlimonti, G; Anghloher, G; Arpesella, C; Balata, M; Bellini, G; Benziger, J; Bonetti, S; Cadonati, L; Calaprice, FP; Cecchet, G; Chen, M; Darnton, N; De Bari, A; Deutsch, M; Elisei, F; Von Feilitzsch, F; Galbiati, C; Gatti, F; Giammarchi, MG; Giugni, D; Goldbrunner, T; Golubchikov, A; Goretti, A; Hagner, T; Hartmann, FX; Von Hentig, R; Heusser, G; Ianni, A; Jochum, J; Johnson, M; Laubenstein, M; Lombardi, P; Magni, S; Malvezzi, S; Manno, I; Manuzio, G; Masetti, F; Mazzucato, U; Meroni, E; Neff, M; Nostro, A; Oberauer, L; Perotti, A; Preda, A; Raghavan, RS; Ranucci, G; Resconi, E; Ruscitti, M; Scardaoni, R; Schönert, S; Smirnov, O; Tartaglia, R; Testera, G; Ullucci, P; Vogelaar, RB; Vitale, S; Wojcik, M; Zaimidoroga, O1998191
Ultra-low-dimensional embeddings for doubling metricsChan, THH; Gupta, A; Talwar, K2010115
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