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T-IDBA: A de novo Iterative de Bruijn Graph Assembler for TranscriptomePeng, Y; Leung, CM; Yiu, SM; Chin, FYL2011149
T-IDBA: A de novo iterative de Bruijn graph assembler for transcriptome (Extended abstract)Peng, Y; Leung, HCM; Yiu, SM; Chin, FYL2011126
Tabular expression-based testing strategies: A comparisonFeng, X; Parnas, DL; Tse, TH2007164
TACCLE: A Methodology for Object-Oriented Software Testing at the Class and Cluster LevelsChen, HY; Tse, TH; Chen, TY2001395
Tag-based techniques for black-box test case prioritization for service testingMei, L; Chan, WK; Tse, TH; Merkel, RG2009218
Taguchi's method analysis of an FMS under review-period-based operational controls: Identification of control periodicityChan, FTS; Bhagwat, R; Wadhwa, S2007151
Tailored utilization of acquired k-space points for GRAPPA reconstructionQu, P; Shen, GX; Wang, C; Wu, B; Yuan, J2005103
Tailoring light and heavy holes of GaAsP-AlGaAs quantum wells by using interdiffusion for polarization-independent amplifier applicationsChoy, WCH200077
Tailoring optical properties of light-emitting diodes by nanostructuring with nanospheresZhang, Qian; 张倩2012281
Takayasu arteritis - A case report of aortic aneurysmLau, H; Cheng, SWK199881
Taking advantage of service selection: A study on the testing of location-based web services through test case prioritizationZhai, K; Jiang, B; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2010232
Taking forward public procurement reforms in GhanaAnvuur, AM; Kumaraswamy, MM2006124
A tale of clouds: Paradigm comparisons and some thoughts on research issuesMei, L; Chan, WK; Tse, TH2008452
A Tale of Two Classes: Language Issues in Teaching Civil EngineeringAu, FTK2008105
A tale of two cultures: towards a bridge between software mathematicians and software craftsmenTse, TH199586
Taming liquids for rapidly changing targetsShi, L; Yu, Y200568
A tandem architecture for cooperating knowledge-based concurrent engineering systemsHuang, GQ; Sheldon, D199464
A tandem evolutionary algorithm for platform product customizationLi, L; Huang, GQ2007102
A tandem evolutionary algorithm for platform product customizationHuang, GQ; Li, L; Chen, X200772
Tandem evolutionary product customizationRen, Z; Jiang, Z; Huang, GQ200599
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