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R & D of PCN/S in Asia-pacific regionLam, WH1995101
R and D of PCN/S in Asia-Pacific RegionLam, WH1995106
R2 imaging of ferritin iron in thalassaemia patients off and on iron-chelation therapyKim, D; Jensen, JH; Tosti, CL; Wu, EX; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2009256
Rabbit articular cartilage repair using collagen-mesenchymal stem cell microspheresLi, YY; Cheng, HW; Chow, ST; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Chan, BP201225
Rabbit bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells induced collagen gel contraction-fabrication of tissue-like structures with different cell densitiesHui, TY; Ho, G; Cheung, KMC; Chan, D; Cheung, WL; Chan, BP2005156
Radar signature extrapolation for FISCWang, Yuanxun; Ling, Hao; Song, Jiming; Chew, Weng Cho199843
Radiation characteristics of a circular microstrip antennaChew, WC; Kong, JA; Shen, LC198061
Radiation dose and cancer risk associated with 64-MDCT coronary angiographyHuang, B; Li, J; Khong, PL; Shen, Y2008113
Radiation induced brain injury: assessment of white matter tracts in a pre-clinical animal model using diffusion tensor MR imagingWang, S; Qiu, D; So, KF; Wu, EX; Leung, LH; Gu, J; Khong, PL201329
A radio frequency identification-enabled real-time manufacturing execution system for one-of-a-kind production manufacturing: A case study in mould industryWang, ML; Qu, T; Zhong, RY; Dai, QY; Zhang, XW; He, JB2012118
Radio frequency identification-enabled real-time manufacturing execution system: A case study in an automotive part manufacturerDai, Q; Zhong, R; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Zhang, T; Luo, TY2012137
Radio Propagation in a Trapezoidal Tunnel at 900, 1800 and 2400 MHzSheng, JH; Zheng, GX; Zhao, X; Li, YJ; Zhang, YP; Ng, TS1998142
Radio propagation within coal mine longwall faces at 900 MHzZhang, YP; Ng, TS; Zheng, GX; Sheng, JH; Wang, YQ1998133
Radio Testbeds using BEE2Mellers, S; Richards, B; So, HKH; Mishra, SM; Camera, K; Subrahmanyam, PA; Brodersen, RW2007103
A RAID reconfiguration scheme for gracefully degraded operationsJin, H; Hwang, K; Zhang, J1999237
RAID-M: A high performance RAID Matrix mass storageLiu, P; Li, S; Lau, FCM; Shi, Y; Huang, F200589
Rail-bridge coupling element of unequal lengths for analysing train-track-bridge interaction systemsLou, P; Yu, ZW; Au, FTK2012209
Railway track possessing assigning using constraint satisfactionCheung, SN; Chow, KP; Yong, MK199699
Railway track possession assignment using constraint satisfactionCheung, BSN; Chow, KP; Hui, LCK; Yong, AMK1999162
Railway Track Possession Assignment Using Contraint SatisfactionCheung, BSN; Chow, KP; Yong, MK1996108
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