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p-Jigsaw: A cluster-based Web server with cooperative caching supportChen, G; Wang, CL; Lau, FCM2003157
P-XCP: A transport layer protocol for satellite IP networksZhou, K; Yeung, KL; Li, VOK2004331
A P300-speller based on event-related spectral perturbation (ERSP)Ming, D; An, X; Wan, B; Qi, H; Zhang, Z; Hu, Y201274
Packaging modeling using fast broadband surface integral equation methodQian, ZG; Chew, WC200844
Packet cloaking: Protecting receiver privacy against traffic analysisCheng, R; Yau, DKY; Fu, J2007136
Packet loss models of the Transmission Control ProtocolZhou, Kaiyu.; 周開宇.2006354
Packet routing on mesh-connected computersCheung, Steven.; 張治昌1992311
Packet scheduling techniques for coordinating colocated Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b in a Linux machineYip, Hoi-kit.; 葉海傑.2004522
A Packet-Reordering Solution to Wireless Losses in Transmission Control ProtocolLeung, KC; Lai, C; Li, VOK; Yang, D201329
Packing density measurement and modelling of fine aggregate and mortarKwan, AKH; Fung, WWS2009422
Packing density of cementitious materials: Measurement and modellingWong, HHC; Kwan, AKH2008213
Packing density of cementitious materials: Part 1-measurement using a wet packing methodWong, HHC; Kwan, AKH2008284
Packing density of cementitious materials: Part 2-packing and flow of OPC + PFA + CSFKwan, AKH; Wong, HHC2008225
Packing density: a key concept for mix design of high performance concreteWong, HC; Kwan, AKH2005230
Packing squares into a squareLeung, JYT; Tam, TW; Wong, CS; Young, GH; Chin, FYL1990120
Paging strategy optimization in personal communication systemsAbutaleb, A; Li, VOK199765
Pak Shek Kok ReclamationThe University of Hong Kong; Kumaraswamy, Mohan2002448
Palladium-indium catalyzed reduction of N-nitrosodimethylamine: Indium as a promoter metalDavie, MG; Shih, K; Pacheco, FA; Leckie, JO; Reinhard, M2008217
A pancake-shaped nano-aggregate for focusing surface plasmonsHuang, SY; Chew, WC; Liu, YG; Wu, BI; Choi, HW2012143
Panorama interpolation for novel view compositionYeung, Kwok-ho.; 揚國豪2000615
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