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K-Dimensional hashing scheme for hard disk integrity verification in computer forensicsJiang, ZL; Fang, JB; Hui, LCK; Yiu, S; Chow, KP; Sheng, MM2011138
K-recombination haplotype inference in pedigreesChin, FYL; Zhang, Q; Shen, H2005104
A Kalman filter approach to direct depth estimation incorporating surface structureHung, YS; Ho, HT1999511
Kalman filter for channel tracking in wireless MC-CDMA systemsCheng, H; Zhang, ZG; Chan, SC2005112
A Kalman smoother-based approach for estimating time-varying cortical connectivity from high-density EEGZhang, Z; Chang, C; Hung, YS2010168
Karhunen-Loève expansion of the WSSUS channel output and its application to efficient simulationYip, KW; Ng, TS1997528
KBase: A customizable tool for building DBase-compatible knowledge-based systemsSoh, CK; Soh, AK; Lai, KY198973
Keeping features in the field of view in eye-in-hand visual servoing: A switching approachChesi, G; Hashimoto, K; Prattichizzo, D; Vicino, A200472
Kernel-Based Fast Aerial Image Computation For A Large Scale Design Of Integrated Circuit PatternsWong, AKK; Ferguson, R20011,147
A kernel-oriented algorithm for transmission expansion planningContreras, J; Wu, FF2000365
Key Enablers in IT Implementation - A Hong Kong Construction Industry PerspectiveUgwu, OO; Ng, ST; Kumaraswamy, MM2003191
Key Factors for Realizing picoTesla Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction SensorsPong, PWT; LEI, Z; LI, G; Lin, KW; Egelhoff, WF201023
Key issues for the success of automated warehouseLau, TL; Mak, KL2002103
Key Management in Wireless Sensor NetworksKwok, YK2007210
A key-recovery system for long-term encrypted documentsWang, EK; Yau, JCK; Hui, LCK; Jiang, ZL; Yiu, SM200674
Keyword extraction and headline generation using novel word featuresXu, S; Yang, S; Lau, FCM201094
Keyword search on huge RDF graphYee, Ka-chi.; 余家智.2010413
Kinematic analysis in femur fracture reductionWang, S; Chen, YH; Ye, R; Yau, WP201088
Kinematics optimization for high positioning accuracy of a 4-DOF parallel manipulator for semiconductor applicationsCheung, WFJ; Hung, YS2003278
Kinematics, dynamics and control of high precision parallel manipulatorsCheung, Wing-fung, Jacob.; 張穎鋒.2007277
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