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H ∞ and passivity control via static and integral output feedback for systems with input delayDu, B; Lam, J; Shu, Z2012106
H ∞ and positive-real control for linear neutral delay systemsXu, S; Lam, J; Yang, C2001672
H ∞ Filtering for Singular SystemsXu, S; Lam, J; Zou, Y2003395
H ∞ model reduction for singular systems: continuous-time caseXu, S; Lam, J; Liu, W; Zhang, Q200369
H ∞ model reduction of 2-D dingular roesser modelsXu, H; Zou, Y; Xu, S; Lam, J; Wang, Q200569
H ∞ positive filtering for positive linear discrete-time systems: An augmentation approachLi, P; Lam, J; Shu, Z2010528
H-infinity filter design for quantum stochastic systemsMeng, X; Lam, J; Gao, H2008124
H-infinity versus Kalman filtering for depth estimationHung, YS; Yang, F1999165
H2 and mixed H2/Ha5 stabilization and disturbance attenuation for differential linear differential processesPaszke, W; Galkowski, K; Rogers, E; Lam, J2008228
H2 and mixed H2/H∞ stabilization and disturbance attenuation for differential linear repetitive processesPaszke, W; Gałkowski, K; Rogers, E; Lam, J200895
Ha5 disturbance attenuation for uncertain mechanical systems with input delayDu, HP; Lam, J; Sze, KY2005123
The Haar+ Tree: A refined synopsis data structureKarras, P; Mamoulis, N2007113
Hack's law of debris-flow basinsLI, Y; YUE, ZQ; LEE, CF; BEIGHLEY, RE; CHEN, XQ; HU, KH; CUI, P2009366
Half-sine and triangular despreading chip waveforms for coherent delay-locked tracking in DS/SS systemsThayaparan, S; Ng, TS; Wang, J2000418
Hamiltonicity of regular graphs and blocks of consecutive ones in symmetric matricesWang, R; Lau, FCM; Zhao, Y2007137
Hand-printed Chinese character recognition and image preprocessingChee, Ping-chong.; 遲秉壯1996634
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by first and second order Hidden Markov Models and radical modelingWong, Ho-ting.; 黃浩霆.2003675
Hand-written Chinese character recognition by hidden Markov models andradical partitionWong, Chi-hung; 黃志雄1998373
Handling of multi-reflections in wafer bump 3D reconstructionCheng, J; Chung, R; Lam, EY; Fung, KSM2008177
Handling signature purposes in workflow systemsLeung, KRPH; Hui, LCK2001119
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