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e-Commerce solutions for supply chain management: a comparative reviewLau, SK; Huang, GQ; Mak, KL2001107
E-field, H-field, and combined-field based nystrm method analysis for electromagnetic scattering by complex-material bodiesTong, MS; Chew, WC201038
E-government data interoperability framework in hong kongLee, TY; Yee, PK; Cheung, DW2009242
An e-logistics system for sea-freight forwardingWong, TN; Chow, PS; Sculli, D2010313
An e-lottery scheme using Verifiable Random FunctionChow, SSM; Hui, LCK; Yiu, SM; Chow, KP2005176
Early age temperature rise and thermal stresses induced in concrete bridge pierDu, J; Luo, X; Ng, PL; Au, FTK2011171
Early behaviour of shor-sfrc as initial liningYuan, Y; Zhou, X; Lee, CF2003103
Early detection of neurodegeneration in brain ischemia by manganese-enhanced MRIChan, KC; Cai, KX; Su, HX; Hung, VK; Cheung, MM; Chiu, CT; Guo, H; Jian, Y; Chung, SK; Wu, WT; Wu, EX2008198
Early development drug formulation on a chip: Fabrication of nanoparticles using a microfluidic spray dryerThiele, J; Windbergs, M; Abate, AR; Trebbin, M; Shum, HC; Förster, S; Weitz, DA2011122
Early German-speaking travelers to Dujiangyan: written, photographic and cartographic recordsKoenig, A201322
Early metabolic changes in hippocampus and cingulate cortex after fear conditioningZhou, IY; Ding, AY; Li, Q; Fan, S; Chan, KCW; Cao, P; Chow, AMK; McAlonan, GM; Wu, EX201197
Early order completion contract approach to minimize the impact of demand uncertainty on supply chainsChan, HK; Chan, FTS2006196
Early regional cerebral vascular blood volume reductions in amyloid precursor protein transgenic miceTang, H; Asai, T; Andrassy, M; Wu, E; Yan, S; Wu, EX2003108
Early stages of decomposition of ferrite in duplex stainless steelShek, CH; Shen, GJ; Lai, JKL; Duggan, BJ199467
Early supplier involvement in new product development on the Internet: Implementation perspectivesHuang, GQ; Huang, J; Mak, KL2000117
Early Supplier Involvement in New Product Development with WeBid: A Case Study on Video Conferencing SystemHuang, GQ; Zhao, JB; Mak, KL200398
Earthquake protection of low-to-medium-rise buildings using rubber-soil mixturesXu, Xuan; 许旋2009409
Earthquake response of base-isolated structural systemLee, PKK; Ding, Q199785
Earthquake-induced shear concentration in shear walls above transfer structuresSu, RKL; Cheng, MH2009278
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