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Results 1926 to 1945 of 22802
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B-spline recurrent neural network and its application to modelling of non-linear dynamic systemsChan, CW; Cheung, KC; Jin, H; Zhang, HY1998548
B-spline recurrent neural network and its nonlinear modellingJin, H; Chan, CW; Zhang, HY1999158
B-spline snakes in two stagesLeung, CC; Chan, CH; Chan, FHY; Tsui, WK2004517
B-value dependence of DTI quantitation and sensitivity in detecting neural tissue changesHui, ES; Cheung, MM; Chan, KC; Wu, EX2010205
B1 Field, SAR and SNR Comparisions for Birdcage, TEM and Microstrip Coils at 7TWang, C; Shen, GG2006100
B2B ConnectorCheung, DWL; Kwok, WCH2008168
B2B ConnectorCheung, DWL; Kwok, WCH2008135
Bacillus macauensis sp. nov., a long-chain bacterium isolated from a drinking water supplyZhang, T; Fan, X; Hanada, S; Kamagata, Y; Fang, HHP200683
Back analyzing the failure mechanism of a slope experienced large movements from 1986 to 1997Kwong, AKL; Leung, RHT2003114
Back radiation reduction of the folded shorted-patch antenna using finite ground strips with resistive loadsLi, Y; Sun, S; Jiang, L; Yang, P; He, S201279
Backward transfer-matrix method for elastic analysis of layered solids with imperfect bondingYue, ZQI; Yin, JH1998104
Bacteria-mediated PAH degradation in soil and sedimentLu, XY; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2011449
Bacterial communities in different sections of a municipal wastewater treatment plant revealed by 16S rDNA 454 pyrosequencingYe, L; Zhang, T2013396
Bacterial survival in evaporating deposited droplets on a teflon-coated surfaceXie, X; Li, Y; Zhang, T; Fang, HHP2006178
Bahaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures: A state-of-the-art reviewTeng, JG; Chen, JF; Smith, ST; Lam, L2003153
Balance of demand and supply of parking spacesLam, WHK; Tam, ML; Yang, H; Wong, SC1998249
A balance-point method for assessing the effect of natural ventilation on indoor particle concentrationsLi, Y; Chen, Z2003166
A balanced ensemble approach to weighting classifiers for text classificationFung, GPC; Yu, JX; Wang, H; Cheung, DW; Liu, H2007142
Balanced model reduction of symmetric composite systemsLam, J; Yang, GH199670
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