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Community engagement for a sustainable futureLaw, CK; Yu, RWM201087
Democratic Development and Citizen Attitudes in Hong KongLam, WM2011126
Digital divide challenges to our digitally connected societyLaw, CK; Wong, YC2010100
Discourse in cyberspace: a case study on public engagement of a major development project in Hong KongLaw, CK; Wong, YC; Yu, R2010104
The impact of the use of ICT on the development of children in low-income familiesLam, CY; Law, CK; Wong, YC; Fung, JYC2010114
The influence of networks on social service organizations in Hong KongLee, EWY; Liu, HK201076
Lost and found: the changing national identity of the working class amidst the economic reforms in ChinaLam, WM; Hung, EPW2009217
Mapping the civil society in Macao: democratically possible?Lam, WM2008158
Minimum Wage Legislation in Hong Kong: a paradigmatic policy change amidst the crises of neoliberal globalizationLee, EWY2010188
The new public management reform of social service nonprofit organizations in Hong Kong: nonprofit regime change and the changing politics of welfareLee, EWY201088
Owners participation - why is it so difficult in the case of strata-titled buildings in Hong Kong?Law, CK2010128
Political legitimacy in Hong Kong: a hybrid notionLam, WM2011117
Political values and democratic development in Hong KongLam, WM2006188
The politics of social policy development in Hong Kong: mobilization by civil society in a semi-democracyLee, EWY2010167
The possible impacts of urban redevelopment on Social Support Networks in four old urban districts in Hong Kong and the implications to urban renewal strategiesLee, CKM; Law, CK; Ho, L2010100
Reengineering elderly community services: a Hong Kong experienceLee, CKM; Law, CK; Ho, LS2010173
The role of government in managing cross-boundary cooperation between Hong Kong and mainland ChinaCheung, PTY201192
The Role Of Government In Managing Cross-boundary Cooperation Between Kong And Hong Mainland ChinaCheung, PTY201193
Sustaining cosmopolitanism: the role of international organizations in Hong KongLam, WM2009148
Unraveling the China factor in Hong Kong politicsLam, WM201192
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